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More fall potty training tips and must haves

OK so this isn’t specific to fall.  I found this at the local Home Depot store and had no idea that such items even existed (how very clever of someone).

Mayfair Next Step Potty training seat.

So instead of spending money on the extra tiny potty seats just install one of these guys in less than 10 minutes! Though we actually use both this to get Dee used to the large toilet and the Bjorn potty chair for in the living room where she plays (sometimes she just can’t make it to the bathroom in time).

Bjorn Potty Chair

Bjorn Potty Chair

Tips for potty training:

  1. Start early (we started sitting her down at 9 months and in china they start as infants)
  2. Make up a potty dance for when they go potty in the toilet (also do it for mom and dad if baby wants to watch you pee)
  3. Use the sign language sign (a “t” that you shake back and forth) and say potty or make a specific sound
  4. Take an intensive 3 days to hang around home pant less and rush baby to the potty when she looks like she needs to go
  5. When you’re doing your intensive 3 days drink lots of juice and water (so you get lots of chances to catch the pee)
  6. Give a favorite treat when baby goes to the potty on the toilet (we keep a container of gummies and she gets one when she goes on the toilet)
  7. If you have an older child get the older child to go potty with the younger (or try to use a potty doll)

Happy potty training!


3 Responses

  1. Ohhhh! I’d been wishing for something like that! We’ve been using the potette as an insert on the big toilet, but that permanent install looks absolutely just the thing! Fantastic.

    • Yeah – I had NO idea such a thing existed but it’s perfect and you don’t have to worry about throwing something on really quick, while you’re tugging the kiddos pants down, it just flips straight down. Brilliant and works perfect. Plus, it was the same price as the Bjorn training potty and will probably last so much longer!

  2. […] probably available at a local Home Depot, I would have bought one a year ago! Thank you to the blog TumbleWee for the heads up:  Next Step Built in Potty […]

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