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Second week of toddler lunches

So I’ll continue to post some of the things we do for toddler lunches around here (and try to include making “to-go” versions for those of you with kiddos that are actually in school).

  1. Hot dogs (you can put this in foil and a thermos heated up with boiling water so it says hot for lunch) topped with cheddar cheese, Pickles, Banana, Milk
  2. Fish sticks, Cheddar bunnies/Goldfish, Cucumber, Pears, Milk
  3. Mini chicken pot-pie with carrots and peas, Melon, Milk

    Mini Chicken Pot Pies

  4. PB & Jelly sandwiches, Peas, Orange slices, Milk
  5. Tuna sandwich, Ants on a log, Blueberry & Vanilla Soy Milk smoothie
  6. Bagel with cream cheese, Carrots, Apple, Milk
  7. Ham, cheddar cheese, broccoli & potato quiche, Strawberries, Milk

I hope these ideas get your kids excited for lunch!  Dee loves all of them.


One Response

  1. love! makes me hungry! Will have to post soon on what it’s like starting solids with Jax.

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