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Mommy thighs & butt: 90 days to slimmer thighs and butt

OK so Dee’s about to turn 1 1/2 officially this weekend, which means I have no excuses about baby weight anymore.  At a year I was telling myself, “I have a little more to lose but I DID give birth only a year ago”, etc. etc. etc.  But, now I’ve officially got the “mommy body”, i.e. large thighs and butt so I decided since it’s the beginning of fall/school year, nows as good of time as any to start an exercise routine that specifically targets my butt and thighs. I labelled this as 90 days to slimmer thigh and butt because that’s my personal goal (I’m sure it could be done it a LOT less time but . . . let’s face it I work and have a kid and run a side business and try to exercise so . . . this is more realistic for me).

So here’s the plan:

  1. Run 3 x a week on my off days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) for 30 minutes
  2. Do this routine on my work days in the evening (this was the most popular routine I found on the net but I’ll probably throw in some others so it looks like this . . . 15 reps x 3 for each exercise): step-up leg lift, reverse lunge with front kick , squat-lateral leg lift combo, plie squat-jump,floor & chair- inner leg lifts (lay on your side w/ one foot on top of the chair and other leg underneath, raise the lower leg to the underside of the chair and repeat), back-sit ups in froggy squat style (lay on stomach, bend legs to form a diamond and put hands on top of head, raise head and legs at same time towards each other), kneeling side touches and circles-leg lifts-doggy hydrants (I do 15 doggy hydrants, 15 leg lifts, 15 leg lifts, 15 side touches, 15 leg lifts, and 15 side circles – feel the burn!).  If you have any exercises that worked particularly well for you please, please, PLEASE comment.
  3. Try to eat smaller more consistent meals (this one will be tough because my schedule is so hectic on my work days but I’m shooting for eating like my toddler; breakfast early AM when we get up, midmorning snack at 9-10 of fruit, light lunch, afternoon snack at 3pm, and dinner at 6ish before Dee goes to bed).  I think the only hard thing will be to keep calories down around 16oo for the day.

Ashley has fabulously thin thighs and butt (SO jealous) so maybe she’ll share her secrets with us.  And just to keep me motivated . . . I’ll post before pics and keep you updated once a week (how fun, huh? well it actually will be at the end when I see the difference, hopefully).

Oh and anyone who wants to join along keep me updated on your progress and post pics!


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