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Hallo-wee-n costume inspiration

So a while back Ash asked me to post pictures of Dee’s costume from last year.  We dressed her up as R2-Dee2 (ha ha ha, clever huh?).  Here’s what I came up with:



It was a simple costume really.  I took a white sleeping sack, sewed on some blue, white, and grey felt for the different colors on the torso and hat.  Then I found some old floppy disks that I cut up and sewed onto some of the different areas to make it appear “mechanical”.  I really wanted to put an LED light in the hat but ran out of time.  The hat was just a simple t-shirt material.  And TA-DA you have an R2-D2 in about 30 minutes.  We dressed up as princess Lea and Hans Solo and went trick-or-treating for about 30 minutes!

This year we’re wanting to be Slimmer and the Ghost Busters!  So much fun.  Send us some pics if you’ve done this costume before – I’d love a little inspiration!


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