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Fun Halloween crafts to decorate your house

Now that we have our pumpkins the Wintle house has to swing full gear into getting the house ready for Halloween this weekend/week.  So Dee and I will be doing these crafts through out the week.  I’ll try to post pictures as we tick off our Halloween checklist!



Maple Leaf Wreath

Maple Leaf Wreath

Dee loves collecting leaves on walks so this will be a good project for this week!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Mmmm. The possibilities are endless, I’ll have to decide soon.

Trick-or-Treat Tree

Trick-or-Treat Tree

I’m thinking of modifying this last one into a pumpkin w/ a large ball instead (dark candy for the eyes and other colors for the body of the pumpkin).

They’re all pretty easy to do and quick (imperative for Dee and I these days with our limited time).  Hope you guys have some cool crafts planned to gear you up for Halloween.



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