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Progress on Halloween Craftiness

So we did pretty well on our Halloween checklist this week.  We got a maple leaf wreath (say that 3 times fast) made up and hanging on the door.


Maple leaves in orange, red, and yellow

Some newspaper

Masking tape

Some picture wire to attach to the wreath

Dee loved collecting leaves

Dee loved collecting leaves

. . . and throwing them!

. . . and throwing them!

I let them dry upside down for a couple of days and then took the best looking specimens to add to the wreath.  The whole project didn’t cost me anything because I ended up making the “backing” of the wreath out of tape and newspaper and then super gluing the leaves to the newspaper ring.  Just form the newspaper into the shape and thickness of ring you want for the wreath and masking tape it together.  Also, I didn’t have to put the leaves in glycerol like the original tutorial said to keep the color (I’ll let you know how long it lasts!)

Such pretty colors!

Such pretty colors!

Gluing the leaves in place
And now the front door looks Fallish and inviting

And now the front door looks Fallish and inviting

I’ll share pics of the pumpkin carving session soon too!  I love Fall!


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