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fashion fridays (mommy & me pics): meg & dee – fall in portland

On Fridays we decided we’d like to start doing fashion related posts.  It is the nature of our shop, and we both love fashion (especially me!)!  This was our first attempt at it and I think Meg & Dee look really awesome (although, my camera wasn’t responding to the lighting the way I wanted it to).
Meg has a vintagey style that is reflected in not only what she wears, but what Dee wears too.  I think it works so well for them and for the area they live in.  Portland feels alternative, but somehow has this old school appeal, which both Dee & Meg imbue in these photos.  The tree lined neighborhoods with the fall leaves are so charming and classic.
On Meg: Sweet on Stripes Dress, Modcloth; Mustard Yellow Cardigan (two years back but here’s a similar one from Forever21); Black belt, vintage; black tights, & shoes, vintage find (similar ones that would work great as well here and here)
On Dee: Carters Corduroy Dress Set; Nike Whirlwind V; hat and glove set, Old Navy on sale in store
I think we’ll get better. However, for our first attempt I would say – not to0 bad!  Of course it helps to have such beautiful models!
<3 ash
ps- I’d love some feedback or pointers if you have them!

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