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FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax in PHX


Below are some images of me and Jax that our little sister, Brynn, took of us at a park  in Phoenix, AZ.

My style is minimalist, modern (i like to think slighly rockish).  I typically like browns, grays, blues, and blacks (and not much else).  I like to mix natural tones and I always try to have “statement” accessories, especially earrings.  Try finding classic pieces with a modern twist, like this sweater with the buttons off the shoulder, the three/quarter lenth sleeves, and the pockets (i adore dresses and tops with pockets).

Everything I’m wearing (minus my undergarments) are thrifted!  I got all of mine at Buffalo Exchange, where I used to work (not in the stores, but at the main headquarters in Tucson, AZ).

This isn’t the most flattering shot (NOTE TO SELF: in the future remember to get more full length shots).  I love my brown distressed boots, I’ve had them for 2 years now and can pretty much where them with everything.  As time goes on, they get more and more distressed, which makes them better and better!

When wearing skinny pants, I think it’s best to choose a top that hits the lower hip area (for me), about where my fingertips would natural hit the thigh.

I buy jax pretty modern, classic clothes that reflect my own style, which I assume most mom’s do?  I love these rock-esque onesies by Carters that his grandma got him- this one say’s “MOMMY ROCKS”!

What’s great about carters??  They are so affordable, and you can usually get things super cheap cause they always have sales and coupons!  His pants are from gap, but again, we bought those on sale too when they had their additional 50% off sale (we stocked up then- pants that are normally $25-$30, are $7 or $8).  I love a bargain!

get similar  looks (for cheap):

On ME: forver21 grey top & dark blue pants; etsy earrings by lilify -hammered earrings; mod cloth boots (or target boots); black & grey striped arm warmers in some pictures are coming soon to our shop
On Jax: Carters Short Sleeve Onesies; Carters Blue Corduroy Pants; grey leg warmers in some pictures are coming soon to our shop ; (note- i thought these would also look good with his outfit, but they were too small!  he’s growing sooo fast!)
ENJOY! and have a great weekend!

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