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FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax at PHX Civic Center


well . . . ah-hem, actually I’m a little late- Saturday.  I played hooky yesterday to go to the Tempe Festival of the Arts and founds some awesome jewelry and art!  I’ll post about that next time it’s my turn for fashion Fridays!

Here’s some images of me and jax in downtown Phoenix near and at the Phoenix Civic Center:

(ok – so i inserted the one above because I thought my face was kind of funny…)

Google image Phoenix Civic Center and you will find some cool images of the big wire sculpture.  It’s a pretty neat area if you are ever in downtown.

I can’t say I loved my outfit this time around, but I definately wanted to try and showcase some of the items we’ve been working on like Jax’s Evolution Onesie (size comparable to 6 month Carter’s Onesie) and the gray arm warmers I was wearing.  You can purchase these two items in our shop.  I love my large oxidized copper earrings I bought at one of the downtown phoenix saturday markets.  I’m wearing my boots I love sooo much (I think I need to find another pair), a pair of PRE-PREGNANCY thrifted Diesel jeans (i was pretty excited to find out that I could fit into them that day, which is why I wore them…).  I’m wearing a off white billowy top by Honey Punch and a striped scarf that I bought at Target last year.

baby yoga time!

Civic Center Sculpture from Filmore.


On ME: forver21 off white top & dark blue pants; etsy earrings by SilverSmack –Hammered Copper Turquoise Teal Patina Earrings; mod cloth boots (or target boots); gray arm warmers in our shop;  Target scarf 
On Jax: Tumblewee Evolution Onesies; Carters Twill Cargo Pants
ENJOY! and have a great weekend!
PS  . . . thanks to Brynn for taking our pics and Trisha for helping get Jax’s attention so we could get some cute shots of him looking at the camera.  What we learned: it’s good to have an assistant for the photographer who can make a baby smile (which Trisha can definately make Jax smile!), try not to get tree trunks centered right over head, be aware of trash cans in the back ground…

Don’t forget about our shop sale, ending December 5th!


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  1. LOL I love the baby yoga picture and the one of you guys from below with the wire mesh in the background

  2. Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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