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Fashion Friday: Dee & Meg Casual Plaids

Ok so today was a bit of a cop-out in terms of Fashion Friday.  Dee and I just did normal around the house clothes (or pretty much, I managed to throw on some boots where sneakers would usually be and do my hair – a little).  But for better or worse here’s our usual casual Friday:

On Dee: Carters plaid shirt, fleece pants from Old Navy to keep her cozy warm.

On Meg: Plaid shirt from Forever21 a few seasons back (similar one here – unbutton the sleeves and do one roll up, top three buttons unbottoned and just front tucked in to be “trendy sloppy”); Joe’s Jeans Rocker in Alba (new at amazon); Leather belt, thrifted (a nice distressed one like this is always nice to have in the closet); Frye Harness boots, thrifted (buy new at zappos.com); braids are essential for a plaid outfit – or just hair down.  I did my braids by reverse french braiding two sections near my ear and tucking them into the rest of my hair with bobbie pins to hold, then I side swept the whole mess into a pony tail.

Love the first picture Dee’s becoming quite the little poser for these things now.  She’s hilarious and runs back and forth to the camera to check her shots (which makes it really hard to get a good photo of her!).


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