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Meg and I will be intermittently blogging throughout the next two weeks due to the holidays.  That means we will occassionally post, but not as often as we normally do.

If you subscribe to our blog, you’ll get notified when we post.  Otherwise, just keep checking back with us.

Also, our shop will be open to purchase items and answer questions, but we won’t be able to fill any orders till after the 28th.  So if you purchase an item from our shop, please be patient we will make your adorble onesies and toddler tee’s starting the 28th!

Oh…did I mention we’re making toddler tee’s now!  Here’s a few images from a 5T we made a customer last week!  We can make Tees sizes 3-8T with short sleeve, long sleeve, cap sleeve, and ruffle sleeve.  Here’s a short sleeve one:

And here’s and adorable geek squad onesie we recently made!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

-meg & ash


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