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A Very Merry Christmas with the Martins!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Ash and I just got back from visiting the entire family (that hasn’t happened in years!).  Our Christmas was everything it should be – bright, merry and white.  Full of hot cocoa, turkey, and christmas cookies!  It was Jaxs’ first Christmas and Dee’s second.  Dee is at the perfect age where everything is exciting and fun (even if only for a couple of minutes).  Here are some snap shots from the week.

We started off with some Christmas-treeing and lots of snow!  I LOVE white Christmases and the White Mountains certainly delivered this year.

Dee topped the tree with the angel and Jax sat around and looked cute :)

And then we headed off to Santa’s Workshop on Christmas eve where we ate cookies and made toys and took LOTS of family photos.

And of course we opened presents on Christmas morning! The favorites were the bears and the Twilight Turtles.

Hope your Christmases were just as “merry & bright”!



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