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Fashion Fridays: Pregnancy Outfits

I was pretty lucky when it came to my pregnancy.  I didn’t get morning sickness and didn’t gain very much weight (about 25lbs).  Target sales racks were my go to shopping place for maternity wear, whether buying true maternity wear or just oversized clothes.  I also bought used clothes.  It seemed silly to me to purchase normal priced maternity wear when I would only be able to wear the items for such a short period of time.

However, I do think one thing people don’t tell you after the pregnancy, some of that maternity wear is still wearable as you lose the weight and change sizes.  So keep those maternity clothes and try them out as you shed the pounds.  Then buy new stuff when you start getting back to your ideal weight.  Although, splurge and buy clothes if it they don’t fit well.  If you don’t look good in your clothes you often don’t FEEL good either (and that can be in a large part due to fit!).

Well here I am when I was about 28 weeks.

I think my brown boots are getting a little redundent (don’t worry I’ll suggest some good ones).  I bought jeggings for maternity wear for like $6 on the Target sales racks, the top is thrifted from Buffalo Exchange, and I wore my husband’s tank top underneath.

on me = men’s under shirt tanks $12.99 for 4 , H&M Black Maternity Top $29.95 (not in black, but cute maternity top), Target Gray Jeggings $24.99 (H&M Maternity Jeans $34.95), Target Boots $39.99 (I love the buckle detail on these).

Not as cheap as I would do it, but there are some great affordable options out there!  Like I said, check sales racks, and thrift stores for even better finds.

ENJOY! ash


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