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FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax Scottsdale Civic Center


Jax and I went to Scottsdale (AZ) Civic Center this week with my sister Brynn (her business – movement restoration).  I wanted to wear a skirt this week (next time!), but had to go do some errands where I would be walking up and down stairs . . . I don’t know about you but that always makes me feel like someone will be able to see up my skirt.

Like his one eyebrown lift?  He’s really good at it!

I don’t know if you notice, but one of Jax’s socks is darker than the other . . . he was sucking on it on the car ride over!  Little did we know it was completely wet by the time we go there.

Jaxon is now 8 months!  He’s growing up sooooo fast.  He’s  interested in everything!  Reaching out for everything.  Trying to touch everything.  He’s my little “Squirmer,” cause he just moves, and moves, and moves!

I’m wearing a used Juicy Couture sweater (forever21 gray sweater- $19.90 OR target missoni– $17.99), used Ugg boots (eCrater-$32), new H&M skinny jeans (only $20 bucks though!), used anthropology scarf (etsy similar– $30 OR etsy similar-$28 OR etsy similar – $58), and feather earrings from a local Tucson (AZ) artist (etsy similar – $12).  Everything I got at Buffalo Exchange, except my pants and under tank (forever21-$4.80).

Jax is wearing Carter’s Striped Onesie (similar – $16 OR carter’s version-$19.60), Gap Sale Kahkis (carter’s version-$14), and gray socks (carter’s 3-pack– $11).

ENJOY! and have a great weekend!

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  1. the LOVE pic is awesome! I want one for Dee and I. Jax looks just like you in the 3rd photo down.

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