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Monday Meals: making your own baby food

While I was up in Portland visiting Meg last October, she showed me how easy it is to make baby food.  Had I known how easy it really is to make baby food though, I would have done it sooner!  I just thought it was going to be such a headache, but it wasn’t at all.

Most of the babies’ first solids are apple, pear, banana, sweat potato, and carrots.  I was buying the Nature’s Best variety packs through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program.  I buy our diapers through it also.  It’s way cheaper than buying at a store and you usually get items really fast.

WHAT YOU NEED: the essentials – organic apples, pears, carrots, and sweet potatos.  I get an organic bag of each of these at Trader Joes for about $10-$12 total (you can make about 2-3 weeks worth of baby food on these, or make some up for your baby and eat the rest during the week, which is what i do).  A pot to boil your veggies and fruits, food processor to puree, and storage containers (four medium size ones).  You can also store baby food by freezing them as ice cubes and then storing the icecubes – see Rust & Sunshines blog on this.  The amount of baby food I make is good for about a week.

BEFORE YOU START: make sure to wash and scrub all of your fruits and veggies off before you proceed with the following steps.

START: I take about 3-4 apples, slice them in fours cutting out the core (do the same with the pears), then boil them in water till they are soft.  You can either remove the skins or keep them on (filet the skins off or peel them in the beginning.  I’ve done both it really doesn’t matter).  Then put them all in the food processor with a little bit of water (about 1/4 cup, and I just use the water they boiled in).  Puree for 3-5 mins till smooth!  Wallah!  You’ve got apple sauce basically, but organic and fresh.

NOTES:  I do all of my veggies in the same water (adding more water as I go), starting with pears, apples, sweet potatos, and carrots.  Not sure why the order matters, just how i do it.  You’ll have to vary the amount of water you add to the pureeing process.  Each fruit or veggie is different.  For instance, pears really don’t need any extra water.  They absorb so much or have to much already that it’s a pretty runny puree anyway.
carrots- use about 5-6 carrots.  I slice the ends off, then slice in half, boil till soft, puree, and store.
sweet potatos – use about 3 sweet potatos.  I peel off the skins, but I imagine you can keep them on, especially since that is the most nutritious part!  Cut in about inch size pieces, boil, puree, then store.


  • apple, oatmeal, and milk (breast, formula, or regular depending on age of child)
  • apple, oatmeal, and yogurt
  • apple, pear, oatmeal, milk
  • apple, pear, yogurt, oatmeal
  • (add banana, and bearries as you progress with foods.  sometimes I just make a smoothie the day before and then add it to breakfast the next morning).
  • Carrots, oatmeal, milk
  • Sweet potato, oatmeal, milk (I add a dash of cinamon occassionally too.  Jax loves sweet potatos and cinamon).

I’m sure you get the idea and I bet you can think of more combinations.  Look at baby food in the store and just use the same ingredients, but using your own, fresh puree!

ENJOY! ash


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