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Fashion Friday: Get the Look for Less

So Ash is in the process of taking lots of cool computer classes and I’m gearing up for living in China for 4 months which means our time for Fashion Friday photo shoots has been very limited.  Thus, I decided that I wanted to try out a different type of Fashion Friday – “get the look for less”.  I don’t know about you but I love the posts on Glamour and similar sites that gives you celebrity looks for under $100 dollars or something.

From Ruche Lookbook

I love the shopruche.com website – their stuff is so cute and a little vintage inspired, plus they do lots of layers (you know I’m a fan!) but sometimes it’s also a little too expensive for me (but they also have some AWESOME deals) so I decided to challenge myself to put this outfit together for under $100 dollars – here goes!

Autumn colored stripes fleece turtleneck dress from Godoon - $28.00

Zig Zag Texture Cardigan from Forever21 - $15.50

Olive sweater leggings from Amazon - $9.99

Women's Akira Knee-High Boot from Amazon- $46.22

Small White Belt w/ Roller Buckle from Amazon - $3.99

So of course I’ve hit $100.00 w/ out the leather cuff and olive green cardigan.  Maybe switching out some items up top w/ staples you already have would work but if you just want to go over here’s the cuff and cardi!

Braided brown leather cuff from BransonsGeneralStore on etsy.com - $9.99

ELSI MATE Green Shrug from YOOX - $39.99

Don’t tie the shrug in the final outfit.  The boots are the majority of the budget on this one but as always a nice pair that’s this versatile will go a long way in your wardrobe.



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