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Wednesday Wants: Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

As Valentines day is only a couple of weeks away, I assumed everyone would be wanting some shopping ideas for their littles.  So I made a treasury list on etsy with my favorites flagged for girls this week (next week boys!).  Dee’s definitely getting into the frilly girly phase (she wants to try on mom’s shoes, put on makeup with me, and loves wrapping herself in beautiful scarves) so I think the tutu may be in order for her this valentines day (especially since I secretly hope she becomes a ballerina when she’s older!).

I don’t know about you guys but if I had a little baby girl to buy for my first pick would be the Daddy’s Sweet Heart Onesie!  So freaking cute – maybe add the Red Ruffled Diaper cover and have her walk around with the heart plush cats – photo ops would come a-running.

Daddy's Little Sweet Heart Onesie from sophiesboutique

Red Polka Dot Ruffled Diaper Cover from zoegirldesigns

Retro Love Heart Cats from Janefoster

And I just adore ruffled petticoats (even though I couldn’t really bring myself to put Dee in THAT many ruffles when she was a baby) I may have to buy one of these petticoats to let her be absolutely ruffle-extreme in the house.  More her style though, the tutu, paired with the leg warmers, topped with one of the three candy necklaces I tossed on here, or all three, why not?! (possibly a little over kill I’ll admit).  Ummmm. ADORABLE!

Valentine Petticoat from chicbabyrose

Valentine Tutu from LittleTutuShop

Pink and Gray Leg Warmers from tumblewee

Call Me Candy Necklace from sweetLindseys

Candy Necklace from KanDiWorld

I Want Candy Necklace from cuddlebugeeshi's

Of course, if you think the above outfit options have just a little TOO many ruffles or TOO much tulle then go with something a little more retro and down to earth (well as much as I’m capable of anyway) like the Valentines Day Skirt from ISADORA KIDS paired with cute felt Hugs & Kisses hair clips from details shop.

Retro Rose Skirt from ISADORAKIDS

Hugs and Kisses Hair Clips from detailsshop

So we got Everything Nice covered but what about Sugar & Spice?  How about a Toy Cookie Set and apron to make cookies with mom?  Or not the cookie making type? Buy the macorons or valentines day cookie assortment to hand out instead.

Wooden Cookie Play Set from made4munchkins

Ruffle Trimmed Kids Apron from mygrayshed

Valentine Macaron from themacaronqueen

Valentines Day Cookie Assortment from TheFancyLadyGourmet

But above all – just give lots of kisses to your little girl for us!

xoxo meg


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