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Notice anything different?

Have you noticed anything different about our site!

We are tweaking the look of the site and will continue to for a while, so bear with us while we go through some growth spurts!

Also, just wanted to share some pics of the awesome upcycled onesie we made for our last blog giveaway winner:

Just a reminder that if your a blog reader there is a super discount code somewhere on our site!  You can enter it in at check out at our shop and get your items at an amazing discount.  It won’t be up for much longer :) . . .

ENJOY! ash

PS . . . I should have some more pics today or tomorrow of some more onesies!  Remember this blog post?  I also have some images I’ll post of Jax’s valentines day card we’re sending out Monday!  So keep checking back.


One Response

  1. LOVE the shirt – it turned out SO cute! I really like how mickey fits over the entire body. You do such cute work!

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