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“Hug Your Family” & V-Day Love

I read this post by canadian mommy time – Hug Your Family – and it was so appropriate for any time of the year.  I love the statistics and facts on how hugging helps our babies grow and develop.  And not just our little wee ones, but it helps us adults too!  Read more here – Hug Your Family.

Also, I wanted to share with you Jax’s v-day card that I’m getting out in the mail to my family and friends today (yes, on valentines day…I’ve been a little busy lately :) ).



I also wanted to say thank you to my awesome twin sister, Meg, for writing such a <3 loving <3 post.  Made me smile and feel awesome!  I am lucky to have such an amazing sister and family.  My family has always been the cornerstone of my existence, and continues to be even more so as I add on to the family with my own little one!

Hope you are having an amazing day filled with love! Don’t forget to give each other LOVE with lots of hugs and happiness! ash


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