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Wednesday Wants: Rainy Day Nursery

The inspiration from this nursery came from the first listing as well as a mobile I saw on pinterest.com.  Rainy day for a nursery??  Why not!?  Balance neutral grays with bright pops of color – mainly yellow!  Especially since yellows and grays are so “in” now – right?  Here’s the treasury:

Paint your walls in a lovely neutral shade of gray.  Accent the windows with yellow curtains.  Hang handmade raindrops between the window and the curtains  (for a visual go to ohsolovelyvintage.com but replace the hearts with raindrops).

Decorate the walls with these three “you are my sunshine” art prints, a 3-D umbrella art piece, and a rain coat, hat, and little duck umbrella hanging on a hook near by.  Place rain boots under the hook to finish off the look (don’t forget to line them with the cozy flannel liners found in our treasury). Bonus: you can store your kiddos ACTUAL rain gear this way and it doubles as “art”!

"you are my sunshine" prints from theinksociety


Raindrop and umbrella 3-D wall art from goshandgolly


Vintage children's duck umbrella from sinkorswimtreasures


Fleece kid rainboot liners from katelyb


In the opposite corner connect three different sized umbrellas using chain from the hardware store with their “bottoms” facing up to form baskets for toy storage.  Try to get umbrellas in differing colors and descending size placing the smaller one at the top (think fruit basket made out of umbrellas). Our if that’s too busy looking just try one awesome clear bubble umbrella like the one from our treasury.

Vintage bubble umbrella from yosalvovendo


Finish the room with clean lines of mod furniture from the 60s.  Place the cloud pillows on the white mod chairs and paint the cool side tables in shades of differing yellow or gray (or keep them white).  Put a daylight bulb in the yellow lamp and put it where you need some sunlight!

60s mod chairs from junktofunkbiz

Cloud cushions from smallcouture

Vintage side tables from AlloftheAbove

vintage yellow lamp from forthecommongood


For the crib try to get gray sheets and top with the awesome yellow chevron striped baby blanket.  Add a cloud shaped pillow (or three) and the “shower your baby with love” heart cloud mobile and you’re baby will drift asleep on clouds (literally)!

Yellow chevron stripped blanket from avaelliot

"Shower you kid with love" mobile from BabyJivesCo



Three cloud pillows in gray from LaPetiteEchorlette

Give your little puddle-jumper some style with these rain-themed clothes.  And add some rainbow themed toys to the mix for some color.

Rainy Daze onesie from imkermer

Raindrop could and rainbow jumper from wildthingsdresses


Rainbow wood toy from TheEnchantedCupboard


Felt rainbow, sun, and cloud toys from TheHandmadeClassroom


My FAVs: a tie between the cute little rainbow jumper and red umbrella 3-D wall art (I almost accidentally inserted it twice – that’s how much I love it!  She has awesome mobiles as well!).


P.S. please let me know if you want some inspiration for a particular theme.  I’d love to help out or do a Wednesday Want on it!



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  1. love this one! It turned out so cute!

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