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Something New: donaTee

Remember this post . . . way.back.when?  Well we finally got it started (for good) – LOOK what we added to the menu (up there at the top of the page – and the cool little sidebar image).  Now instead of tossing those old t-shirts – you know the ones that don’t quite fit anymore, faded, just went out of style, have a hole at the bottom, etc – you can donaTee them to us for a good cause!

We’re giving all proceeds to:

Friends of the Children PDX

They are a very amazing and unique organization that commits an entire 12 and 1/2 years to an “at risk” child.  So amazing!

What you get:

  • A feeling of good will!
  • Your name on the donor list for the page
  • A feeling of good will!

We hope you send us your gently used t-shirts and help out Friends of the Children PDX!

meg & ash


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