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It’s Fashion Fridays!

ok- this is a really quick post!  I’m SO busy these days.  3 classes, a 9 month old, a shop, another shop (soon to be announced), and I think we’re just getting busier and busier with everything we’re doing.

The weather here is so nice right now, about 80 this weekend during the middle of the day.  This morning we went outside for a walk/run, and blew some bubbles.  Jax is learning how to wave, and does this totally adorable exaggerated walk (imagine a marching band person…lol).

So here we are, at Food Truck Fridays (I want to give you a link to this, but I can’t find one right now) in downtown Phoenix.  It’s right next door to the Phoenix Public Market, which carries a lot of great local food.  Plus, it’s hosts a number of Farmers Markets and events throughout the week.  LOVE.  I say support local WHENEVER possible.

I’m sorry I don’t have as much time as I would like to make fashion Fridays a little more interesting!  Hopefully when Meg gets back in the states, or maybe if I can afford to hire a sitter for a few hours a day if the shops really take off!

FYI: If your in Downtown Phoenix on a Friday at lunch, check out Food Truck Fridays.  You’ll be SOOOO glad you did.  My favorite is Short Leash (the most amazing hot dogs you’ll ever have), and Torched Goodness (creme brule (SP?) in the most unique flavors! Imagine lavender, lemon, sea salt caramel…we had a Chipotle chocolate once- TO_DIE_FOR).

Have a fabulous weekend!

ENJOY- <3 ash

2 Responses

  1. Maybe we should change Fashion Fridays to “Freakin’ Cool Backdrops for Photos Friday”. Ok, maybe that’s a little long but you do pick the coolest locations!

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