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How busy is BUSY?!

So we’ve been saying how busy Ash has been the last week and a half but here’s proof!  Look at all the fabulous onesies she’s made for our shop!

Forest Service onesie - OH SO cute (maybe I have a soft spot for this shirt since I worked in the forest service and it used to belong to me!). Want another outdoor themed onesie? Try this northface one!

The back - to die for right?!

The Coke t-shirts tend to go fast! We have another one just listed on the site that's the true red and white coca-cola (like our christmas post) so if you were dying to get your hands on that one go buy this listing!

US Marine Corp t-shirt. I actually made this a long time ago and it got many search hits but someone just bought it. I guess Ash had to spend a long time making it's hem OK though because it got damaged - sorry Ash!! If you're in the Army or NYPD (or know someone who is) go get them this Army shirt or NYPD shirt.

Cute Syracuse University sports onesie. I'm really surprised we're not getting more of the sports nuts buying up some of the cooler onesies like this Duke's t-shirt or this Mets t-shirt.

This was a custom order - Yes! Of course we do custom!! Send us your loved, used, old t-shirt and we'll extend the life so your baby can wear it too!! Or find an awesome shirt yourself!

The back of the custom ordered tee. We have many cool band logo shirts but my favorites right now are the Beatles and this DMC one!

Nerds gone wilde! Oh my - I'd love this for Dee even now! And yes we do toddler sizes too! IF you like this shirt you'd love our Fruit Loops shirt in the shop as well!

So now you know.  Busy is making up all of these adorable shirts while going to school full-time, doing my wedding invites, and being a fabulous mom to Jax!

Ash really can do EVERYTHING!





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