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Last Day! Hip Upcycled T-Shirt Onesie Giveaway!

March Onesie Giveaway

In honor of St. Patricks Day, and the luck of the Irish – we are giving this upcycled t-shirt made into a hip onesie.  You have till 5PM TODAY (Monday, March 12) to enter.  It’s a size medium onesie:  Medium sizing is based on your child’s weight and length: 16-18lbs x 37-28 inches

Here is the t-shrt:

Reserved - Tumblewee Giveaway -Upcycled Irish You Would Kiss Me
Reserved - Tumblewee Giveaway -Upcycled Irish You Would Kiss Me

AND here’s the onesie!

A little about our shop if you haven’t been there yet – we specialize in recycling old unwanted t-shirts into AWESOME onesies and toddler’s tees.  We also have a small selection of vintage inspired and modern baby shoes, bibs and burp clothes, and baby leg warmers.  Check out our most recent upcycled designs:

Forest Service onesie - OH SO cute (maybe I have a soft spot for this shirt since I worked in the forest service and it used to belong to me!). Want another outdoor themed onesie? Try this northface one!

The back - to die for right?!

The Coke t-shirts tend to go fast! We have another one just listed on the site that's the true red and white coca-cola (like our christmas post) so if you were dying to get your hands on that one go buy this listing!

US Marine Corp t-shirt. I actually made this a long time ago and it got many search hits but someone just bought it. I guess Ash had to spend a long time making it's hem OK though because it got damaged - sorry Ash!! If you're in the Army or NYPD (or know someone who is) go get them this Army shirt or NYPD shirt.

Cute Syracuse University sports onesie. I'm really surprised we're not getting more of the sports nuts buying up some of the cooler onesies like this Duke's t-shirt or this Mets t-shirt.

Nerds gone wilde! Oh my - I'd love this for Dee even now! And yes we do toddler sizes too! IF you like this shirt you'd love our Fruit Loops shirt in the shop as well!

TO ENTER: comment below on your favorite item from our shop, like us on Facebook (make sure to comment that you did so!), follow us on twitter, follow us on pinterest, OR subscribe to our blog.   In the comment make sure to let us know which option you choose.  Also include your email address if you don’t have a wordpress account so we can get a hold of you if you win!

If you already follow us on one of the above!  Let us know which one in your comment and we’ll definitely include you in our contest!

The winner will be picked on TODAY (Monday, March 12th) at 5pm through a random drawing.  Good luck!

Retail value: $6-25

Good luck!

ash & meg


2 Responses

  1. I like the Hershey’s onesie.

  2. I am subscribed to your blog and my favorite item is the Beatles onesie.

    sandyandcosmo at yahoo dot com

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