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Wednesday Wants: DIY St. Patricks Party

So you’re throwing a St.Patrick’s Day party and have no idea what to do?  Steal some of these ideas to put together a green-romping-good-time!


Set up a “rainbow” with colored streamers arching across the ceiling and ending at the food table.  Top the table with a black table cloth tied to look like a black cauldron.  Place more four-leaf-clovers on kebab sticks artfully around the table.  Litter the floor with construction paper four leaf clovers.  Or make four leaf clover bunting/streamers.

Cute four-leaf-clover bunting for decoration

Photobooth: I personally like the idea of making an entire rainbow wall with balloons (place the colors in vertical stripes so that they merge into your ceiling rainbow).  OR  if you’re feeling like cutting lots of construction paper clovers cover the wall like a bed of clover.  Add leprechaun hats, gold coins, and a pot of gold as props – so cute!

Rainbow wall made of balloons for photo ops


For snacks put together green milk and Lucky Charm Marshmellow bars.

Green milk . . .

with Lucky Charm Marshmellow Bars.

Make all the foods green themed or cut in the shapes of four-leaf-clovers.  Alternatively . . . make the table rainbow themed (this allows for more healthy snacks!). strawberries, watermelon, and cherries for red; grapes, cucumbers cut into four leaf clovers, for green; oranges & cheddar cheese for orange; blueberries for blue . . . you get the idea!

Make your rainbow out of fruit!

Cups of skittles, rainbow jello cups, and adding green food coloring to almost anything (green quiche)  can help round out the table.

Rainbow jello shots - sin alcohol for the kids!

Glasses filled with skittles can serve has colorful holders for cake pops and sheesh kebab rainbow fruit sticks


  1. Find the pot of gold: Hide a pot filled with gold chocolate coins either inside or out, write clues leading up to the pot on small construction paper clovers, and have the kiddos find the pot of gold!
  2. Leprechaun coin: Select a leprechaun and have her cover her eyes or look away while you hand a coin to one of the other players. Then have all the players sit in a circle with the leprechaun standing in the middle. At “Go,” the seated players begin slyly passing the coin around the circle, being careful to hide the coin from the leprechaun’s view. When the leprechaun thinks she knows who has the coin, she calls “stop” and names her suspect. If the leprechaun guesses right, the 2 players switch places. If not, play continues.
  3. Gaelic Heave Ho: String up a clothesline so it is at least five feet off the ground. Fill a plain brown paper lunch bag with newspaper. Using a spatula try to pitch the bag up and over a clothesline. Whoever succeeds the most times out of ten is the winner.

As favors make these cute little rainbow gold coins. And put them in a black pot by the door.

Your my pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow favors.

And above all – have fun with those little leprechauns!




2 Responses

  1. I love all the decorations, especially the balloons! What a fun and festive way to decorate!

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