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fashion fridays: Ash & Jax – South Mtn PHX


I did a bit of stylized editing, sorry if the coloring is annoying, but I had fun trying to make them look a little vintagey…did it work?

We went up to the top of South Mountain Park Reserve in Phoenix, which “is the largest municipal park in the country”.  It’s beautiful if you are the type of desert rat that appreciates the beauty of the desert in all it’s glory, bright ambiance, and scorching, leather built in air  . . . I am a desert rat.

Phoenix behind us with all of it’s smog filled glory . . .

I have quite the silly grin here.  Jaxon can you say . . . “mommy, you’re a dork sometimes” :) !

are we born desert rats…I think jax was by default.

enjoy! and have a great weekend! ash

ps... thanks again to Brynn with movement restoration massage!

4 Responses

  1. Can’t decide if my favorite is the 5th or 6th photo. Also, I like the vintage look of the photos – so cute.

  2. Ahhh. Love the ocotillo and saguaro of the Sonoran desert. Used to live in Tucson, which is where I met my lovely bride nearly thirty-four years ago.

    That little Ashley is a real cutie, Meg.

    • Awe thanks doug! I use to live in Tucson too! Congrats to you and your wife! Love is a key ingredient in life and I hope we’re all so lucky as to find someone we can all be with for 34 years!

  3. Doug,
    I think Ashley’s a real cutie-pie as well ;)
    Thanks for checking out our blog!

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