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Sometimes life throws you a trip to China . . .

LOVE this man!

So today husband (i.e. Nate) got the best news . . . and the worst!  Which do you want first? . . .

He got a fabulous job offer! In California!  Being a paid biologist! Yay! . . .

But he has to be there in two days!  Which means maybe Easter Sunday will be the last time Dee and I will see him for 2 MONTHS!

Yep, me, Dee and the pandas over here in China . . . oh, yeah, and some lucky person from my life who gets an entire trip to China paid for! To be Dee’s new babysitter :)

How will I do it?!  Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for living this far apart for a long time?

Wish me luck!



2 Responses

  1. Skype, $200 phone calls, email, photos, care packages, letters and text messages. There are other things but they are not G rated. Love you honey.


  2. Talk often, write sweet nothings to each other through e-mail, Skype, makes plans for the reunion in 2 months. Congrats, and good luck!

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