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Pieces of Our Life: Ya’An China

Lots of people have been asking what Dee and my daily life is like in China so I thought I’d put together a little pictography (I think that word could apply right?  def: picture writing. it seemed appropriate).

1.  We start our day like any other US family by waiting for Dee to wake up (around 8am now-a-days) and carrying all of her stuffed animals + slinky dog onto the couch so they can partake in watching a little Sesame Street as well.

2. While Dee is occupied I go whip up a batch of something – this morning chocolate chip pancakes (tune in on Monday Meals for the recipe that I modified to make a little healthier.  OOoooo and Ash said she’d include a smoothie of some kind because it turns out that smoothies are super popular!).

Sneak peak at the chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes Dee and I made. For the complete recipe visit us on Monday! (PS some little bugger took a couple bites while I wasn't watching . . . )

3. We head out to the waterfront park to walk around and be celebrities for a little while.  This isn’t really a joke – Dee attracts so much attention here that we often get mobbed.  In fact, we’ve caused traffic jams before which required real cops to show up and everything (we call them Dee Jams around these parts).

The local school children coming to look at our little foreigner.

4.  At lunch we usually stop by the local noodle shop for some vegetable noodles and perhaps a little jiaozi (dumplings).

She's getting quite adept at those chopsticks!

5.  We then visit Dee’s favorite person in the world, the book store owner downstairs and start a bubble party with all the kids on the block.  This also usually involves some shop owner trying to get more pictures with Dee by bribing her with a  bang bang tang (suckers).

Bubbles; endless entertainment for toddlers

6. Time for a nap after all the morning excitement – Dee sleeps anywhere from 2-3 hours (yeah I know she’s a sleeper that one).

7. And if she wakes up by 1pm then we’ll head to the panda base to watch some mating pandas and feed the “baaaaarrrees”. If not we go to the grocery store and fumble our way through buying stuff that’s packaged entirely in a language I can’t even hope to read.  This requires lots of hand gestures and miming on my part as well as some frantic words typed into my very slow translator on my iPhone.

She's fascinated with the panda bear behavior - just like her mom!

8. Shower while weirdly cramping into the small space over our toilet and then to bed with Dee’s favorite book “Oh the wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can do” by Dr. Suess.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our lives over here.



5 Responses

  1. Dee is just a doll! I’m sure that gorgeous red hair and precious smile cause lots of attention. :)

    Thanks for sharing the glimpse of a day with Dee in China!

  2. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a high risk determination outstanding post! . 202499

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    • It’s custom. We’ve tweeked the Digg 3 Column theme to fit our needs. But you may want to start with that one if you like the general flow and outline.

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