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Monday Meals: Croisant Sausage & Cheese Muffins

We have been SOOOOO MIA.  What’s going on with us you may ask?

Well, Meg just got married!  Congrats to Meg, Dee (her daughter), and Nate (her new husband and Dee’s Dad)!  Not only that, but they were right in the middle of a move during their wedding, which they made the huge drive/move four days after their wedding!  They are currently settling in at their new home, new jobs, new daycare, new friends, new playgrounds, etc.

What have I been up to?  Since I’ve been back from the northwest, I’m in the middle of moving myself – I’m in the middle of packing, getting ready to move next week, and then start Graduate school the following week!

To say the least, I think the two of us and our families have been a little busy and preoccupied. Which is my excuse for neglecting this awesome, cool journey called Tumblewee.

So finally!  I’m posting a Monday Meals.  This is one we did while I was up in Portland.  We (Meg, Dee, Jax, and I) LOVED these.  They were absolutely awesome!  Except, we had an issue with getting them to NOT stick to the muffin tin although we greased it.  The second time we made them we used cupcake liners, but still had a problem with them sticking.  SUGGESTIONS: make sure your careful how full you fill them; maybe use cupcake liners AND grease the muffin tin?  If you have any suggestions for this, we’d love to hear them!  I’ve been trying to concoct a parchment paper type liner…

Yields 8 Muffins


4 eggs

1/4 cup milk

cooked, crumbled sausage

package of cook them yourself croissants (usually 8 per package)

shredded cheese


1. Preheat oven to the temperature indicated on the croissant package.

2. Whisk together the milk and eggs, adding any seasoning you like.

3. Grease a muffin pan, and line the croissants in each muffin space.

4. fill halfway with egg, then add some sausage and cheese.  repeat with all muffins spaces.

5. cook about 20 mins or as indicated on the package of the croissants.

Done!  You can  make your own combinations with this recipe, just think omelets!

Mushroom, swiss, and tomato

ham, cheese

veggie and cheese

sausage, avocado, jack cheese, a little salsa

Use your imagination, maybe even a sweet one instead of savory – like french toast with bananas and/or berries!

ENJOY! ash

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