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Wednesday Wants: Skip Hop Lunchbox

So flipping cute!

Dee started preschool yesterday and was so excited to go to her first day.  We owed this excitement to one new item that we added to our household last Saturday – Dee’s Zebra Skip Hop Lunchbox.  It’s no secret we’ve been missing in action on the website lately – what with the wedding and the move directly after so I wasn’t able to tell you all about how obsessed Dee has become with zoo animals.  In particular the zebra, giraffe, and “lion king”.  We went to the Oregon Zoo multiple times in the weeks before our move, as a good bye to my working grounds, as well as to satiate our toddlers constant need to have “mom, dad, dee, zoo” (translation, “mom and dad I want to go to the zoo”).

So as soon as I learned that she was goign to need a lunch box for her new preschool we immediately started looking for cute animal lunchboxes and stumbled across the Skip Hop Zoo Line.

The full line-up of adorable animals

She originally wanted the giraffe but they were sold out.  But the zebra has made her so happy and has helped to keep her pumped up for school.  In fact, she was so excited for school and using her zebra lunchbox that she carried it all the way to the car, then into the schoo,l and then jigged her way to the front desk to show it off.  She keeps asking to pack the zebra lunchbox and go to school!  I’ll let you know if he keeps her this pumped up for school as the “honeymoon” period comes to a close.


Wednesday Wants: Back to School Apps via Parents.com

I thought this was a really cool article by Parents.com.  Apps are becoming a major part of our lives and are not just for our phones, but for personal computers, tablets, notebooks, and laptops (I’m sure a few more could be named).

I thought Easy Reader was a cool one, which allows your to browse through ebooks from libraries.

There are a number of really good suggestions from recipe finders, schedule helpers, brain boosters… make sure you check them out.

Parents.com even has one that is perfect for me a jax, Playgrounds, that allows users to look through, rate, and enter playground information so others can learn about them.

Do you have any apps you love using that help you and/or your family?


Wednesday Wants: Favorite Baby Blankets

I thought I’d share with you one of the best buys I thought I made for our little guy.  These aden + anais for Target Zooaroo blankets!

aden + anais for Target Zooaroo Baby Collection.Opens in a new window.

I bought the four pack right before he was born and I still use them everyday, night, etc.  They are perfect for hot weather climates, great for swaddling.  Fold them over into a triangle shape and they are the perfect for swaddling.  We used them as burp clothes also (is that gross?).

They kind of act as a sheet now that he is older, which is great again because it’s so hot here in the Arizona.  They breathe really well.  If you are in need of something that you will use longer than a year –  I would suggest these!

enjoy! ash

Wednesday Wants: A Toddler that stays in her bed

So I WAS going to write a Retro Cherry Blossoms Nursery Wednesday Wants but instead I spent hour returning Dee to her bed.  (Even as I write this I’m leading her back in about every two minutes – hey better than every 5 seconds).  This is how it’s been going:

*door creak and open* me get up off the couch

lead her back to her bed while she says “Moo Moo” over and over again (All the Wonderful Sounds Mr. Brown can Do is her bedtime story book right now)

place her in bed, “goodnight honey, love you, see you in the morning”

kiss on the check and exit the room.

continue x 100 or more . . .

She just found out she could get out of bed and open the door all on her own.  For the last couple of days it only extended to her waking up about 30 minutes early and coming into my room but this afternoon and tonight was a “eureka” moment for her and she realized she didn’t have to save this special skill for JUST morning wake up.  She could get up All. The. Time.  Great!  This afternoon only took a couple of times of returning and she finally fell asleep but tonight she’s been pretty persistent.

Luckily, as I write this it’s getting longer – we’ve made it to 5 minutes in between returns and no more “Moo Moos”.  She sees me, turns right around, heads to the bed, and is silent as I tuck her in.

The end has to be in sight right?

Who knows if this is going to work – has anyone else had this problem? How did you handle it?

help meg

Wednesday Wants: Bug Hunt

Dee’s been super in to chasing bugs around lately – she’s fascinated by them! So I’ve picked out a couple of things for us to go bug hunting in (in STYLE!).

||1. Vintage inspired sun suit. || 2. Red jellys remember these? ||

3. Lady bug stacking toy. || 4. Rockabilly green plaid dress yes please! ||

5.  Leather strappy sandals perfect!|| 6.  Applique owl canvas tote.||


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