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And the winner is . . .

CONGRATULATIONS to David Gossett (& his very lucky wife) . . .

What an AWESOME husband ;)

You won the pair of earrings we’re giving away thanks to Persephone’s Place:

If you’re dying to own a pair of your own visit Persephone’s Place and support handmade!


Happy Easter!!

I know every one will get tons of Easter posts today so maybe we can make this one a little different with a special giveaway from our sponsor Hue Fielding.

Remember these Hue Fielding trousers you saw on Jax Friday?  Super cute with  little extra dash of unique boy-ness!

Herringbone Trousers from Hue Fielding

Best of all they’re versatile, I think they work both for fancy events as well as for more casual outfits.  But these aren’t the only cute creations Hue Fielding has in her shop (I wish we had been able to have her donate for little Deester instead of Jax – darn China!!).

Cupid's Arrow Dress from Hue Fielding

Ice Cream Social Dress and Skirt set from Hue Fielding

I just love the two little girl outfits above that were from her “sold” sections.  The red dress would be SO cute on Dee and I love that she put the little turquoise button in the middle – you really only find details like that on hand made items!   Hue Fielding focuses on the best materials, simple designs and attention to detail. Above all, Hue Fielding loves color in all the right places (if you couldn’t tell from they designs). That’s why tumblewee loves supporting such creative people on etsy!

Hue Fielding is based in Guelph Ontario (did I mention I almost went to graduate school in Guelph?).  They’re tag line is “making incredibly good things for good kids everywhere. Unexpected, brilliant color!” Perfect for them right?

She has such cute little spring inspired outfits right now . . . like these little jumper shorts.

Sweet Floral Overalls from Hue Fielding

If you’re in the Waterloo area next Saturday April 14th,  Hue Fielding will be at the Stitch n Kitsch Spring sale in Waterloo, so stop by and visit them!

And as for the giveaway . . . if you want to win the pair of Herringbone Trousers seen on Jax (size 11 months) do any of the following for an entry:

  1. Comment below on your favorite item from Hue Fielding
  2. Like us on Facebook (make sure to comment that you did so!)
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Will pick a winner next Sunday 5pm!

Good luck!


2012 Resolutions for tumblewee

So we started a new years resolutions list, well, at the new year and while talking last night thought that we should share it with  you guys – our readers!  This list may seem like small potatoes to a lot of you but to us it’s all about baby steps in starting this business and feeling like we’re making some PROGRESS!  So here’s our little list of goals we want to accomplish in 2012:

  1. Get 500 Facebook followers (only 452 to go – LOL!)
  2. Get 100 blog followers
  3. Make a total of 50 sales on tumblewee (about 1 sale per week – of course we wouldn’t complain if we did more!)
  4. Get our onesies and shoes out to 2 PDX shops and 2 PHX shops
  5. Do a blog giveaway per month on our blog and someone else’s blog (write us if you feel like hosting a giveaway)
  6. Start doing two extra twitters per week that aren’t tied to the blog
  7. Get more feedback from our readers via comments (we’d love to hear what types of nurseries you’d like put together on Wednesday wants, what type of fashion looks you’d like to see features, maybe make Monday Meals more kid-centric?, tweaks that we could make to our weekly postings that may make them more appealing to YOU guys – after all, it’s all about the readers!)
  8. Have fun! (Yeah the most important one right?  cause as long as we’re having fun doing the blog I think it will show in our readers).

It seems like a modest list and we’re determined to meet these goals by 2013.  How can you help?? ***Hint*** #1 & #2!  Honestly -we’re only 3 people away from #2 so you could be the person to push us over that goal

What were your goals for 2012? Did you stick to them?


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