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It’s Fashion Fridays!

ok- this is a really quick post!  I’m SO busy these days.  3 classes, a 9 month old, a shop, another shop (soon to be announced), and I think we’re just getting busier and busier with everything we’re doing.

The weather here is so nice right now, about 80 this weekend during the middle of the day.  This morning we went outside for a walk/run, and blew some bubbles.  Jax is learning how to wave, and does this totally adorable exaggerated walk (imagine a marching band person…lol).

So here we are, at Food Truck Fridays (I want to give you a link to this, but I can’t find one right now) in downtown Phoenix.  It’s right next door to the Phoenix Public Market, which carries a lot of great local food.  Plus, it’s hosts a number of Farmers Markets and events throughout the week.  LOVE.  I say support local WHENEVER possible.

I’m sorry I don’t have as much time as I would like to make fashion Fridays a little more interesting!  Hopefully when Meg gets back in the states, or maybe if I can afford to hire a sitter for a few hours a day if the shops really take off!

FYI: If your in Downtown Phoenix on a Friday at lunch, check out Food Truck Fridays.  You’ll be SOOOO glad you did.  My favorite is Short Leash (the most amazing hot dogs you’ll ever have), and Torched Goodness (creme brule (SP?) in the most unique flavors! Imagine lavender, lemon, sea salt caramel…we had a Chipotle chocolate once- TO_DIE_FOR).

Have a fabulous weekend!

ENJOY- <3 ash


FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax Scottsdale Civic Center


This week we went to Tempe Town Lake.  It’s pretty, but next time we’ll go when it’s a little warmer and perhaps greener!  We are definitely going casual these days.  I think it’s hard not with a child!

I’m wearing gray skinny jeans from H&M (thrifted at Buffalo Exchange), but they are definately starting to get a little baggy as I continue to loose my baby weight!  I didn’t realize they were sort of baggy (maybe they only look that way to me).  I love mixing styles – the dolman sleeve, tribal shirt (thrited at Buffalo Exchange)  with funky 70’s inspired blue earrings.  I also like combining colors that don’t necessarily match, different hues of blues, etc.  And black ballet flats from Target.

Does it work?  I hope so!  Otherwise I’m sure I look pretty silly right now!  LOL.

Jaxon’s wearing a cute grey and white striped shirt from Carters, earth green Gap jeans (that have an elastic waste band – the waistband is actually elastic – not the kind where the elastic is sewn into it causing bunching – I think they’re genius).  On Me: Georgia O’Keeffe inspired ring (the off white rose one), and copper wire ring (thrifted).

ENJOY! and have a great weekend!

thanks to our photographer - my sister Brynn (her business - movement restoration - I do all of the editing and touch-ups).

“Hug Your Family” & V-Day Love

I read this post by canadian mommy time – Hug Your Family – and it was so appropriate for any time of the year.  I love the statistics and facts on how hugging helps our babies grow and develop.  And not just our little wee ones, but it helps us adults too!  Read more here – Hug Your Family.

Also, I wanted to share with you Jax’s v-day card that I’m getting out in the mail to my family and friends today (yes, on valentines day…I’ve been a little busy lately :) ).



I also wanted to say thank you to my awesome twin sister, Meg, for writing such a <3 loving <3 post.  Made me smile and feel awesome!  I am lucky to have such an amazing sister and family.  My family has always been the cornerstone of my existence, and continues to be even more so as I add on to the family with my own little one!

Hope you are having an amazing day filled with love! Don’t forget to give each other LOVE with lots of hugs and happiness! ash

the people we LOVE . . .

I know it’s not Valentine’s Day yet in the states but it is in China so I wanted to post about how very lucky I am to have such a lovely and talented twin sister.  Ash is such a loving and crafty mom for Jax (that little kid sure lucked out in whatever baby lottery decided to send him to Ash!).

We love you both and miss you terribly!


meg & dee

Happy Holidays & Other Tidbits

Happy holidays to everyone!  

The new year is quickly approaching, and I got this list of recalls from parents.com magazine and thought we should share it with you (i subscribe to their emails).

The Biggest Recalls of 2011

I purchased the Singlair crib from Ikea, but I don’t have the model number they recalled (my bolts and nuts are just fine!).  However, it’s good to keep up on these items, just in case!

On a happier note…here’s some projects we did with Jax and with our family over the holidays:

Baby Feet Reindeer with Googly Eyes

Use your little one’s foot as the face + red thumprint nose (your’s) + googly eyes + your holiday message

= instant cuteness, fantastic family card. 

(i also wrote in his name, the month, and the year)


Baby Hand Print Christmas Tree

Use your little one’s hand print as the tree + finger print ornaments (your’s or your kiddos) + your holiday message

= instant cuteness, fantastic family card OR holiday decoration! 

(i also wrote in his name, the month, and the year)

We also did a family hand print tree:

Hand Print Family Tree

Use the same formula as using your little one’s hand for a christmas tree, but stack hands on top of each other with parents and kids near each other + write names near hand prints.  I want to add “Martin Family Christmas 2011” & “Merry Christmas” to this one too.  Ornaments are family member’s finger prints.  Dee really enjoyed making the ornaments with Meg.

Meg has a post coming up with some pics from our vacation . . .  I think there are some snow angles, christmas tree cutting, and Santa’s Workshop pics in it, but you’ll have to wait and see!

hope you had a great holiday! ash

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