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FASHION FRIDAY: Returned from China, Meg & Dee

Meg & Dee are finally back from China!  And Jax & I are up visiting them!

Hopefully you’ll see much more of us after this week.  The transition for all of us (their return and our travel up north) has resulted in us being a little lax in our postings.

Here are some pics of Meg and Dee.

Hope you have a great weekend!

ENJOY! ash


FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax Roosevelt Murals


PART II Of Roosevelt Murals



We headed back down to Roosevelt to take some more shots with the murals down in that area.  Since it’s one of the art districts in Phoenix, the murals come and go before you know it sometimes.  So you really have to catch them quick.  I absolutely love this southwestern inspired one, which I felt would be perfect for some southwestern inspired accessories.

I just go these earrings from one of our sponsors!  Persophone’s Place!  I absolutely love them.  They are supper long and beaded.  They go with just about everything I own . . . I have fairly simple outfits and when you have such a cool pair of statement piece earrings, sometimes it’s great to tone down the other parts of your outfit (in my opinion).  She’s has shorter versions if you prefer!

Unfortunately, I rarely get to wear them right now . . . Jax LOVES it when I wear dangly earrings.  And my ears LOVE it when he pulls them too (insert dripping sarcasm here)!  I get to wear them at least once a week when I’m working and he’s hanging out with his dad on his day off.

This dinosaur mural is across the way from the southwestern one.  Its so cute!  Feels really funky and I believe it’s spray painted on.

By this time, jax was starting to loose it and get super squirmy.  He wants to be off running around (although he hasn’t quite figured out the walking/running part, but he can sure book it in a crawl).

I’m wearing forever21 top and tank (man – forever21 is SO affordable, $5 tank tops), H&M pants, Target ballet flats in a cool bright colored southwestern pattern, thrifted jewelry, and you can get my fantastic earring here – at Persephone’s Place.

on jax: thrifted Jack & Jill gray linen shorts, and thrifted vintage yellow polo shirt.

hope you enjoyed Fashion Friday!  check out the cool murals around Phoenix when your in town.

have a great weekend! ash

FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax PHX Art


We went to the Phoenix Art Museum this week (well just outside because they had a cool dinosaur sculpture by Sui Jianguo out front – click the link to read more about the sculpture).  So here are the pics from the shoot!

I don’t know where your little ones are in their developmental stages, but Jax is crawling on all fours now!  He’s a maniac, he never sits still anymore.  It’s amazing to see.

Sorry my posts are so short lately!  Taking care of a 9 month old, taking 3 classes, and making onesies for our shop is a little time consuming.  Meg is transitioning from US to China and will be here a little more often soon (she did Wednesday Wants yesterday :)).  Our postings should get more regular pretty soon as we figure out our schedules.
ENJOY! and have a great weekend!
PS: here’s a pic of jax, me, and our photographer – Brynn, my sis, with Movement Restoration!
i love that even the dinosaur is smiling in this pic!

FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax Scottsdale Civic Center

It’s Fashion Friday!

Jax and I had a great day!  We hung out with Jax’s Aunties, Brynn & Trisha (we hang out with them a lot, we LOVE them).  We just kind of relaxed, went to food truck fridays downtown, and then walked around their neighborhood.  Here’s some shots from our afternoon walk…

Your probably going to see a lot of Jax & I for the next couple of months.  Meg and Dee (and Nate) are in China for the spring semester working on her PHD panda study!  Yes, she might just be the luckiest girl alive (oh wait it’s probably dee who’s the luckiest girl alive- she gets to be around panda’s at just under 2 years of age, not to mention she has meg for a mommy! ahem, and nate for a daddy :) )…

Anyway, I’ll try to make my posts great, but I apologize ahead of time if I get a little old! LOL…


PS>>> here’s a sneak peak of jax’s valentines day cards…

FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax PHX Grunge


I’m a little late getting fashion friday posted, but here it is!  I have so much I’m doing, my cup runneth over!

ENJOY! and have a great weekend!
p.s. my sis (as usual) took the pics.  their business is movement restoration – check them out!
p.p.s. tomorrow morning we’ll announce who won the contest!

FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax Scottsdale Civic Center


Jax and I went to Scottsdale (AZ) Civic Center this week with my sister Brynn (her business – movement restoration).  I wanted to wear a skirt this week (next time!), but had to go do some errands where I would be walking up and down stairs . . . I don’t know about you but that always makes me feel like someone will be able to see up my skirt.

Like his one eyebrown lift?  He’s really good at it!

I don’t know if you notice, but one of Jax’s socks is darker than the other . . . he was sucking on it on the car ride over!  Little did we know it was completely wet by the time we go there.

Jaxon is now 8 months!  He’s growing up sooooo fast.  He’s  interested in everything!  Reaching out for everything.  Trying to touch everything.  He’s my little “Squirmer,” cause he just moves, and moves, and moves!

I’m wearing a used Juicy Couture sweater (forever21 gray sweater- $19.90 OR target missoni– $17.99), used Ugg boots (eCrater-$32), new H&M skinny jeans (only $20 bucks though!), used anthropology scarf (etsy similar– $30 OR etsy similar-$28 OR etsy similar – $58), and feather earrings from a local Tucson (AZ) artist (etsy similar – $12).  Everything I got at Buffalo Exchange, except my pants and under tank (forever21-$4.80).

Jax is wearing Carter’s Striped Onesie (similar – $16 OR carter’s version-$19.60), Gap Sale Kahkis (carter’s version-$14), and gray socks (carter’s 3-pack– $11).

ENJOY! and have a great weekend!

Fashion Fridays: Pregnancy Outfits

I was pretty lucky when it came to my pregnancy.  I didn’t get morning sickness and didn’t gain very much weight (about 25lbs).  Target sales racks were my go to shopping place for maternity wear, whether buying true maternity wear or just oversized clothes.  I also bought used clothes.  It seemed silly to me to purchase normal priced maternity wear when I would only be able to wear the items for such a short period of time.

However, I do think one thing people don’t tell you after the pregnancy, some of that maternity wear is still wearable as you lose the weight and change sizes.  So keep those maternity clothes and try them out as you shed the pounds.  Then buy new stuff when you start getting back to your ideal weight.  Although, splurge and buy clothes if it they don’t fit well.  If you don’t look good in your clothes you often don’t FEEL good either (and that can be in a large part due to fit!).

Well here I am when I was about 28 weeks.

I think my brown boots are getting a little redundent (don’t worry I’ll suggest some good ones).  I bought jeggings for maternity wear for like $6 on the Target sales racks, the top is thrifted from Buffalo Exchange, and I wore my husband’s tank top underneath.

on me = men’s under shirt tanks $12.99 for 4 , H&M Black Maternity Top $29.95 (not in black, but cute maternity top), Target Gray Jeggings $24.99 (H&M Maternity Jeans $34.95), Target Boots $39.99 (I love the buckle detail on these).

Not as cheap as I would do it, but there are some great affordable options out there!  Like I said, check sales racks, and thrift stores for even better finds.

ENJOY! ash

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