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Featured Etsy Shop: Casanees

Plaid suspenders by Casanees

Remember these adorable suspenders on Jax last Friday from Casanees?  We’re in love with them!  I actually think we’re debating having Jax wear them for my wedding in August (we’re doing a camping wedding with florals for girls and plaids for the boys! Well we’ll see it’s actually planned as an “eclectic” wedding so I picture things getting thrown in last minute).  Her stuff is perfect for weddings because she can custom make any of her patterns (hats, suspenders, dresses, and ties) for your ring bearers and flower girls.

She has the cutest ties (and bowties as well) that you can coordinate for your events or family photos!

Cassandra is so talented and hilarious to boot!  When we asked her what type of personal information we could include about her in this post she said,  “basically, I’m Super Mom to my two little kidlets, a boy and a girl. Lately I play the part of Captain Hook, because the good guys are taken and they want a villain… ”  LOL.  I just fell in love with this response!  I can just imagine Cassandra whipping up Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes for her kids as well as beautiful (matching) clothes sets!  Like these from her store:

Perfect for family/kiddo photos!

Casandra tells us, “I LOVE sewing for my kids and creating what their imagination can dream up. Nothings better than having a unique item of clothing that no one else on the playground has!”  We’d have to agree and I think this cap is the next unique item we’ll have to purchase for Jax (after all summer is coming and in that Arizona sun we’re going to have to keep him covered!):

Newsboy cap – so cute!

So if you want a unique item for your kiddos too (or for your wedding!)  hope on over to Casanees and support handmade!


Wednesday Wants: Snips & Snales & Puppy Dog Tails

Valentines day is just two weeks away.  So here is a treasury list on etsy with my favorites flagged for little boys (missed last weeks post for girls? check it out here!).  These favorites that I’ve added to our treasury list would would be perfect for Jax’s first Valentine’s Day!

Being the alternative parents that we are – my sis and I would definitely pick these little tattoo inspired items featuring of course … MOM.

Boys Heart with Mom by BowHeadBowtiqueInc

Tattoo I Heart Mom Hat by Hunky Dori Boutique

and these are must haves for little men who’ve just started solids; are teething like maniacs; and learning what awesomeness is out there in the world  . . .

Wood Teether I Love You by littlesaplingtoys

Pocket Robot Plush Toy by dropkicktims

red hippo baby toddler bib by 3littlerascals

Snail Love Note - Linocut by Forelock


I don’t know about your little ones, but Jax loves his bath time and those soaps would be soooo cool for him.

There’s something so sweet and hip about these day of wears  . . .

Toddler Bowtie by littlegentleman

Chocolate & Cherry Striped by NeedfulThingsofSalem

Warm white heart pants by adatine

some totally hip upcycled wears  . . .

Mixed Tape Upcycled Tee by TrashN2Tees

Nerds Gone Wild Red Tee Onesie by tumblewee

Damien's Sneakers by tumblewee

and every little man should hand out valentines to those he loves!

Printable Mustache Valentine Cards by Busy Chickadees

Chocolate Mustache Lollipops by FiveSisterz

Love Coupon Ticket Book by shopgreenlilydesigns

Of course  . . . my little man is going to get smothered in kisses and hugs the moment he wakes up on Valentines Day (just like he does everyday)!

What are you getting your little wee one?

Hope you all have a great one!

ENJOY! ash

The cutest “beau” ties around . . .

So while looking for wedding stuff, I stumbled across these bow ties and ties from fellow etsy shop, The Belle and the Beau.  I’m in love, love, LOVE with the vintage appearance of the ties:

Cute ties from The Bell and the Beau

Cute ties from The Bell and the Beau

Vintage headband for baby girls

Vintage headband for baby girls

Vintage themed bow ties

The hippest little bow ties

Loving these so much I may have to go and buy some even though I don’t have a son (I’ll send them to Jax).


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