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Featured Esty Seller: Bumble C

If you couldn’t tell, we’re big fans of handmade over here at tumblewee.  We constantly surf etsy for unique creations and finding Bumble Cs’ beautiful shop was such a stroke of luck for us!  We’re absolutely in LOVE with this oh-so-feminine shop and all the lovely creations in it. Like these Miranda covered button earrings:

I love these covered button earrings!

Ashley wore her lovely pair of “Grace” lace earrings for last Friday Fashion post.  And though each pair is made from vintage lace so you aren’t able to buy these EXACT earrings, here are their cousins:

Vintage lace earrings: Rose

If you want to have a truly unique matching necklace try pairing the Rose earrings with Bumble C’s Lucile vintage lace necklace:

This is absolutely one of the most beautiful statement necklaces I've ever seen!

Angela is a full time student and part time crafter who loves to create whenever she can find the time.  We think she must manage to find plenty of time because she has so many beautiful creations!! Like these Cinnamon hair clips:

I'm picturing a flowy, vintage lace dress and soft curls held back by these lovely hair clips. A future Fashion Friday perhaps . . .

Add this Eileen peony ring to complete the romantic look:

So pretty!

We asked Angela to describe her inspiration and she told us, “I’m inspired by anything feminine, soft, vintage, and classic. I really got my start when I was planning my wedding, and realized I had a love for lace! I try to create pieces that are versatile so they can go from casual day to a night on the town, but are showstoppers at any time.”
After seeing her lovely creations, I’m sure you’ll agree that she describes her jewelery beautifully!

So if your the romantic or vintage type, go and check out her stuff and support handmade uniqueness.


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