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Something New: donaTee

Remember this post . . . way.back.when?  Well we finally got it started (for good) – LOOK what we added to the menu (up there at the top of the page – and the cool little sidebar image).  Now instead of tossing those old t-shirts – you know the ones that don’t quite fit anymore, faded, just went out of style, have a hole at the bottom, etc – you can donaTee them to us for a good cause!

We’re giving all proceeds to:

Friends of the Children PDX

They are a very amazing and unique organization that commits an entire 12 and 1/2 years to an “at risk” child.  So amazing!

What you get:

  • A feeling of good will!
  • Your name on the donor list for the page
  • A feeling of good will!

We hope you send us your gently used t-shirts and help out Friends of the Children PDX!

meg & ash

DonaTee: donate your old tees for charity

With the holiday season in full swing we decided we wanted to give back to the community by doing a charity drive. So here’s the idea . . . .

Have old tees you want to get rid of? Think they’ll make awesome upcycled products? From now until January 31st, 2012 we’ll be accepting your old t-shirt donations and will post them to a special section in our shop. 50% of the profit made from these upcycled tees will go directly to a charity chosen by you. We will sell these products until the end of 2012 so your donation will contribute to this cause for an entire year!

We will be creating a special page on tumblewee.com to showcase DonaTee.  It will showcase what charities we are giving back to, how much we’ve collected so far- so you can follow the progress throughout the year, and who has given to the cause (you can also select to stay anonymous).

We are taking votes from now until the end of the donation, January 31st, 2011.  We have chosen a list of charities that contribute locally or statewide in Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona.  Please leave a comment below on the charity you think we should contribute to this year.  Here is a list of the charities we have narrowed down:

So go clean out your closets and drawers and send us potential upcycled awesomeness – for a good cause.  Contact us (tumblewee@tumblewee.com) with details on how to make your donation.

join us in giving back in 2012!

meg & ash

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