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A Very Merry Christmas with the Martins!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Ash and I just got back from visiting the entire family (that hasn’t happened in years!).  Our Christmas was everything it should be – bright, merry and white.  Full of hot cocoa, turkey, and christmas cookies!  It was Jaxs’ first Christmas and Dee’s second.  Dee is at the perfect age where everything is exciting and fun (even if only for a couple of minutes).  Here are some snap shots from the week.

We started off with some Christmas-treeing and lots of snow!  I LOVE white Christmases and the White Mountains certainly delivered this year.

Dee topped the tree with the angel and Jax sat around and looked cute :)

And then we headed off to Santa’s Workshop on Christmas eve where we ate cookies and made toys and took LOTS of family photos.

And of course we opened presents on Christmas morning! The favorites were the bears and the Twilight Turtles.

Hope your Christmases were just as “merry & bright”!



Happy Holidays & Other Tidbits

Happy holidays to everyone!  

The new year is quickly approaching, and I got this list of recalls from parents.com magazine and thought we should share it with you (i subscribe to their emails).

The Biggest Recalls of 2011

I purchased the Singlair crib from Ikea, but I don’t have the model number they recalled (my bolts and nuts are just fine!).  However, it’s good to keep up on these items, just in case!

On a happier note…here’s some projects we did with Jax and with our family over the holidays:

Baby Feet Reindeer with Googly Eyes

Use your little one’s foot as the face + red thumprint nose (your’s) + googly eyes + your holiday message

= instant cuteness, fantastic family card. 

(i also wrote in his name, the month, and the year)


Baby Hand Print Christmas Tree

Use your little one’s hand print as the tree + finger print ornaments (your’s or your kiddos) + your holiday message

= instant cuteness, fantastic family card OR holiday decoration! 

(i also wrote in his name, the month, and the year)

We also did a family hand print tree:

Hand Print Family Tree

Use the same formula as using your little one’s hand for a christmas tree, but stack hands on top of each other with parents and kids near each other + write names near hand prints.  I want to add “Martin Family Christmas 2011” & “Merry Christmas” to this one too.  Ornaments are family member’s finger prints.  Dee really enjoyed making the ornaments with Meg.

Meg has a post coming up with some pics from our vacation . . .  I think there are some snow angles, christmas tree cutting, and Santa’s Workshop pics in it, but you’ll have to wait and see!

hope you had a great holiday! ash

LAST DAY! Hip Upcycled Onesie giveaway from tumblewee


Enter by midnight tonight for your chance to win this one of a kind Cocal Cola onesie!  This one can arrive just in time for christmas!  It’s perfectly themed too! Here it is!

(best representation of color)

Its comparable to a size 6 month Carter’s onesie.  It’s red with a white Coca Cola graphic and white topstitching.

A little about our shop if you haven’t been there yet – we specialize in recycling old unwanted t-shirts into AWESOME onesies.  But also have a small selection of vintage inspired and modern baby shoes.  Check out our most recent upcycled designs:

Black Crowes Concert T onesie

Tumblewee's Rolling Stones Onesie

Royals Baseball Upcycled Onesie

When you purchase one of our t-shirts currently listed in our shop, you can choose the size and sleeve length for conversion to a onesie.  We’re also willing to convert any of your favorite tees to a onesie if you’d rather!

TO ENTER: comment below on your favorite item from our shop, like us on Facebook (make sure to comment that you did so!), post a link to our giveaway on your blog/facebook/or twitter, OR subscribe to our blog. Also include your email address if you don’t have a wordpress account so we can get a hold of you if you win!

The winner will be picked THURSDAY, December 15th at Midnight through a random drawing.  We will announce the winner on FRIDAY, December 16th.  Good luck!

Retail value: $18-25

Be sure to enter by one of the three options above!


ash & meg


Today is the last day you can get free shipping on your order in our shop!  Enter 2011FREE12 at check out.  Make sure to make your purchases today, especially if are wanting anything in our shop by Christmas!

Here’s what’s new in our shop:

HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Upcycled Tee Onesie: Geico OR Mets

HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Upcycled Tee Onesie: Mickey Mouse

HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Upcycled Black Tee Onesie: The Beatles

HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Upcycled Tee Onesie: Presidential Physical Fitness Award

ENJOY! ash

25 Challenges of Christmas – advent calendar style

I sent my family an “advent day” calendar (a little late because I put the wrong amount of postage on it) that challenged them to do an activity that was Christmas oriented everyday. Here’s the list:

  1. go out of your way–bring a friend coffee today
  2. make a “give list” instead of a list of gifts you’d like
  3. make Christmas cookies today and eat at least 2 with a large glass of milk and give a plate to a stranger.
  4. tell someone you love them
  5. make a tree decoration and hang it on your tree (or save it until you put up your tree)
  6. try to be as kind as possible to others today
  7. do a good deed anonymously
  8. make goals for yourself– seal a copy in an envelope to be opened in a year
  9. visit someone sick or lonely or sad
  10.  make a special meal and surprise a friend by inviting them over or taking it to their house (wrap up the leftovers and give them to the next homeless person you see driving home).
  11. take 2 cans from your pantry and donate it at one of the many canned goods donation places (Safeway, Albertsons, etc).
  12.  do volunteer work for some worthy cause
  13.  take a picture that reminds you of christmas
  14. try not to quarrel with family members today
  15.  play your favorite Christmas song really loud while dancing around the house and singing
  16.  phone or send a card to an old friend or family member
  17.  drink a glass of egg nog
  18.  donate 5 dollars to your favorite charity
  19.  look at christmas lights…
  20.  say Merry Christmas to at least 10 times to strangers today
  21.  do something nice for someone without their knowing it was you
  22. be the first to say hello to people all day
  23.  ask someone to tell you about a past Christmas
  24.  read the night before christmas

I was hoping to get some cool pics from everyone – but I haven’t really been sharing mine either so I decided I should change that and post some pics of the #3 challenge we did last week – Christmas cookies!! ‘Tis the season right?

Dee eating the dough once it was made

Dee eating the dough once it was made - essential Christmas chore

Making the royal frosting

Getting ready to decorate

Nate and Dee "marbling" the cookies

Dee wasn't great at the marbling mainly because she was eating the frosting by sticking her tooth pick into it over and over

Not bad for her first christmas cookies! Our neighbors enjoyed their plate too!

If you want to get super fancy (which I’ll probably do next year) you could put the little slips of paper into a homemade advent day calendar like this one

Fashion Friday (mommy and me): Meg & Dee at Waterfront Park

Today we took some pictures out back again to show some details from my vintage dress and Dee’s vintage top but then we headed out as a family to try and get a Christmas photo from one of the most famous landmarks of Portland, the Made in Oregon sign.  Here’s what Dee and I wore:

On Meg: Red and bright blue flower dress, vintage (similar one at Modcloth); teal blue half cardigan, vintage (similar one at Debenhams); black tights and boots (similar ones here at Debenhams); antique shoe clip from my grandmother converted into a brooch; black belt, thrifted.

On Dee: Cacharel red cardigan with fabric trim & buttons, thrifted; Gap jeans; Nike shoes (we really need to get a non-bright pink and purple pair of shoes but . . . she’s so comfy in these!).

We thought this photo shoot would go a lot better but unfortunately the sun was not cooperating (to much at sunset so I guess we learned that we really need to do morning shoots!)

Here’s a teaser for our family Christmas photo:

That’s my oh-so-handsome husband to be!

Wednesday Wants: Baby’s First Retro Christmas

What would a baby centric blog be without a Christmas wish list for baby’s first Christmas?  Here are some of the easy baby gear that made it to the top of our lists for Santa.  Check out the shops!

And though we’re supposed to shy away from our own shop on the treasury I have to plug our cute little Coca-cola onesie since I think it’s really christmasy!

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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