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Wednesday Wants: Sesame Street Birthday Invitations

So Ashley’s not one to brag but lately we’ve been missing in action because of moves and extra side businesses (me with PDXWildlife and Ash with Intowee).  Yes you heard it right, Ashley started a new paper line on etsy.  Well OK, the “line” right now is composed of  these cute little sesame street invites that she made for Jax’s first birthday but she’s been steadily getting orders for that in between her school work.

Sesame Street Birthday Invitations by intowee

She has lots of other really cute stuff too (like casino themed invites and my wedding stationary for a mountain themed wedding) that we’ll feature as she puts them up.

Go Ash!


Quick go enter for our Giveaway!

Today’s the last day to enter for the Vintage Sesame Street Giveaway!  Make sure you enter (your kiddo will love you forever if you win!).

Good luck to everyone, we’ve had such awesome comments already!


Featured Etsy Shop: Teesies

Remember the awesome onesie that Jax was wearing last Friday from Teesies?

"What would Elmo do?" onesie from Teesies

Don’t miss a chance to win it in our Vintage Sesame Street Giveaway (along with lots of other goodies)! But that’s not really why we’re writing this post . . . we wanted to share even more fabulous Teesies onesies with you all (since Libby has so many clever ones it wasn’t really hard to find some that we truly LOVE).

I just couldn’t resist sharing these funny and vintage style Dubble Trubble baby onesies for twins (especially since Ash and I are twins!):

Dubble Trubble onesie from Teesies

Teesies shop announcement reads, “If childhood is full of giggles, grins and inside jokes…shouldn’t parenthood be too? ” And Libby bases all of her onesies and t-shirts off of this statement, adding little humorous touches throughout her entire baby clothing line.  We were grinning ear-to-ear reading through some of these clever shirts (and picturing babies in them).

I think this Fragile: Handle with Care is so stinking cute that I may have to get it if I have a second kid:

Fragile: Handle with Care onesie from Teesies

I think Jax would be so cute in this RAWR shirt.  Plus I adore the “rawr means I love you in dinosaur” explanation at the bottom:

Rawr means I love you in dinosaur onesie from Teesies

And last but not least, for all those recyclers, green living, and certified organic fiends  out there:

100% Certified Organic onesie from Teesies - too cute!

Also, the look on the little kiddos face in this last one is absolutely classic.

If you want to learn more about Teesies creations and personal style, go to her blog or follow her facebook!


P.S. if you grownups are dying to have an adult version of “What would Elmo do?” Libby has that too, here!

Featured Etsy Shop: Peapods Cookies

If you’ve signed up for our Vintage Sesame Street Giveaway you’ll recognize these cookies from Peapods Cookies:

Elmo Birthday Cookies from Peapods Cookies

Kristie is a super talented cookie aficionado from New York.  She makes some of the cutest cookies we’ve seen on Etsy (her icing technique is to die for- she’s such an artist!).  Speaking of New York, Kristie made some fabulous “Big Apple” themed cookies that would be perfect for a New York wedding or birthday party:

I think the little hotdogs are so cute!

We’ve been thinking about how cute an Alice and Wonderland  birthday party would be over here at tumblewee and I think these little teacup cookies would be perfect (the “eat me” and “drink me” – so cute!):

Bright Colors Tea Party from Peapods Cookies

And if you’re having a business event (or some really neat themed social media party), check out these cookies:

I could almost die over these Social Media Cookies - so clever!

Makes me want to design a social media party just for the heck of it . . . and to eat these cookies.

Make sure to check out her other cute designs at her etsy shop Peapods Cookies and maybe buy a couple goodies for your next big event.  Jax tells us that the cookies are not only good looking but good tastings as well (OK so he can’t really talk so he didn’t tell us per se but he did gobble up and elmo for his birthday)!



Giveaway: Elmo, Sesame Street Inspired

Happy Birthday Jax!! Today Jax officially turns one years old and to celebrate we’re doing another great giveaway!  His birthday was Vintage Sesame Street themed, so to keep with the theme we decided to get some super awesome etsy shops to contribute to a Vintage Sesame Street Birthday Basket!  We seriously can’t believe the talent this time around!  Here’s the goodies that are in the basket:

  • Elmo Cookies from Peapods Cookies (Kristie makes the cutest cookies)
  • The “What would Elmo do” onesie you saw on Jax during the last Fashion Friday from Teesies – size 12 months
  • Two fabulous vintage Bert and Ernie puppets from the absolutely awesome vintage shop Breelzebub
  • A bib made from vintage Sesame Street fabric from Bibu (Andrea makes all of her bibs from vintage fabric, a girl after our own hearts)
  • Grey legwarmers from our shop Tumblewee
  • And a cute little Elmo’s World lunch box to package it all up in!

Some LUCKY little kid will be ecstatic to receive this (I mean what kid doesn’t love Elmo?).  And since we have so many fabulous donations that means MANY chances to win.  Do any of the following for an entry:

  1. Comment below on your favorite item from Peapods Cookies 
  2. Comment below on your favorite item from Teesies
  3. Comment below on your favorite item from Breelzebub
  4. Comment below on your favorite item from Bibu
  5. Comment below on your favorite item from Tumblewee
  6. Like us on Facebook (make sure to comment that you did so!)
  7. Follow us on twitter (make sure to comment that you did so!)
  8. Follow us on pinterest (make sure to comment that you did so!)
  9. Subscribe to our blog
  10. Repost this giveaway to your twitter account (make sure to leave the link in the comments below)
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If you’re not a WordPress member make sure to leave your email so we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner!

We’ll pick a winner next Tuesday at 5pm! Open to Canada and US.

Good luck!


Oh and just in case you wanted to know more about these fabulous shops, don’t worry, we’ll be featuring them on the blog all week!

Fashion Friday: Jax Birthday Preview

It’s Fashion Friday!

We’re really excited to share these pics with you.  We got some really cute items in for this particular shoot from Teesies and Casanees.  Part of what makes this shoot particularly special is that next week is Jax’s first birthday (May 1st, a May day baby).  So we took these pics in prep for his very cool party that is going to happen – and in true toddler fashion it’s Elmo/Sesame Street themed.  Yes, he’s grown to have a true appreciation for everything Elmo and Sesame Street.  What can I say, they are enduring and so much more exciting than when I was growing up.  I don’t remember such cool songs as this Fiest one, or this Jason Mraz one, try Bruno Mars, Adam Sandler, and so many more . . . Jax has a true love for music and now he dances and jives like there is no tomorrow – it’s so much fun watching.

Well anyway, back to our cool shoot for his birthday invite, which you can find on our sister site – Intowee (you can purchase the invites there also, but we’re currently getting that site up and running, it’s a little in the newbie stage).  We got this adorable onesie from Teesies, it says “What would Elmo do?”  So appropriate . . .

And these plaid suspenders!  I just about died when I saw them, and thought those are sooo Jax (well I guess they are so mom, since I’m the one that dresses him – although Meg was the one who found them!).  Too cute.

And one of these items will be part of big birthday week next week, and will be going in a giveaway… you’ll just have to check back with us or subscribe to our blog if to find out more!

have a great weekend and stay tuned into our blog for more awesome birthday/sesame street bash ideas, inspiration, and giveaway.


Featured Etsy Seller: A Bath Shoppe

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from A Bath Shoppe

I know you’ll recognize these cute Easter Egg sidewalk chalks donated from A Bath Shoppe for our Etsy Easter Basket Giveaway, but we had to do a special feature on this shop because of all the other cute things they carry!

Not only do they have a variety of cool sidewalk chalk shapes that will make your kid the cool kid on the block . . .

We love these jigsaw puzzle pieces sidewalk chalk!

. . . but she also does fun soap shapes.  So if you’re kiddo is going through one of those tough phases and doesn’t like to take a bath try adding Elmo soap to their routine.

ELMO!! Dee would just die for this soap in the shower!

Or these little monsters in the bath or as party favors!  I just bet that getting the monster out of the soap encourages your child to use it.

Monster soaps kit. What a neat party favor if you were having a monster themed party!

And the best part?!  A Bath Shoppe makes all natural bath and body products making sure to include the best butters and oils for the skin. Truly homemade!

If you don’t see something just perfect for you but like the shop they also do custom orders (and whole sale).  Just contact A Bath Shoppe about what you need.

Go support her shop now and if you haven’t already enter our Etsy Easter Basket Giveaway to win some of the cute egg and bunny sidewalk chalk.

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