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Wednesday Wants: A Toddler that stays in her bed

So I WAS going to write a Retro Cherry Blossoms Nursery Wednesday Wants but instead I spent hour returning Dee to her bed.  (Even as I write this I’m leading her back in about every two minutes – hey better than every 5 seconds).  This is how it’s been going:

*door creak and open* me get up off the couch

lead her back to her bed while she says “Moo Moo” over and over again (All the Wonderful Sounds Mr. Brown can Do is her bedtime story book right now)

place her in bed, “goodnight honey, love you, see you in the morning”

kiss on the check and exit the room.

continue x 100 or more . . .

She just found out she could get out of bed and open the door all on her own.  For the last couple of days it only extended to her waking up about 30 minutes early and coming into my room but this afternoon and tonight was a “eureka” moment for her and she realized she didn’t have to save this special skill for JUST morning wake up.  She could get up All. The. Time.  Great!  This afternoon only took a couple of times of returning and she finally fell asleep but tonight she’s been pretty persistent.

Luckily, as I write this it’s getting longer – we’ve made it to 5 minutes in between returns and no more “Moo Moos”.  She sees me, turns right around, heads to the bed, and is silent as I tuck her in.

The end has to be in sight right?

Who knows if this is going to work – has anyone else had this problem? How did you handle it?

help meg

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