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Featured Etsy Seller: A Bath Shoppe

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from A Bath Shoppe

I know you’ll recognize these cute Easter Egg sidewalk chalks donated from A Bath Shoppe for our Etsy Easter Basket Giveaway, but we had to do a special feature on this shop because of all the other cute things they carry!

Not only do they have a variety of cool sidewalk chalk shapes that will make your kid the cool kid on the block . . .

We love these jigsaw puzzle pieces sidewalk chalk!

. . . but she also does fun soap shapes.  So if you’re kiddo is going through one of those tough phases and doesn’t like to take a bath try adding Elmo soap to their routine.

ELMO!! Dee would just die for this soap in the shower!

Or these little monsters in the bath or as party favors!  I just bet that getting the monster out of the soap encourages your child to use it.

Monster soaps kit. What a neat party favor if you were having a monster themed party!

And the best part?!  A Bath Shoppe makes all natural bath and body products making sure to include the best butters and oils for the skin. Truly homemade!

If you don’t see something just perfect for you but like the shop they also do custom orders (and whole sale).  Just contact A Bath Shoppe about what you need.

Go support her shop now and if you haven’t already enter our Etsy Easter Basket Giveaway to win some of the cute egg and bunny sidewalk chalk.

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