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Featured Etsy Seller: Persephone’s Place

Southwestern and Native American inspired patterns have always had a cool, close to nature feel.  This spring and summer season we are seeing these patterns pop out in all types of apparel and done in lots of different styles and colors (from neutral to neons).  However, sometimes we just like the look and feel of the real deal . . .

So remember these oh-so-cool earrings from Persephone’s Place that Ash wore last Friday on her Native American inspired shoot?

Native Nights Western Beaded Earrings

Well, we are so in love with Monique’s beaded earrings that we thought we’d share some more of her stuff here on tumblewee!

These "Kimberly Earrings" have a fringe like feel.

Monique’s love for bead work is inspired by her partial Native American Heritage (Lenape Indian) and by what she sees and observes in nature. Being native Arizonians these Native American undertones in her work are what drew us to her shop.

I love the angle of these!

If you ask Monique she’ll tell you that her bead work is incorporated into her philosophy of life and love of nature.

These have a crow feathers look with the iridescent sheen!

Monique told us, “stone magic and earth magic, and a knowledge of mythology and esoteric sciences play a large part in the creation of my pieces. I spend a lot time outdoors hiking with my husband  and looking for stones, studying colors and combinations of colors as they appear in the natural environment.  Many of my pieces are spiritually dedicated to and inspired by mythological ideas and elemental energies.  Because I wish to convey the connection of my jewelry to earth and it’s elementals, I photograph my jewelry in natural environments whenever possible.”

Monique runs a blog: Plutons Gems which is actually devoted to her bead work and similar topics including ethics in the gemstone industry, and ecological mining and environmental issues.  If you’re interested in her work go read up!

So feel a little closer to nature, and a little closer to your style and stop by Persphone’s Place and take a look around!


Wednesday Wants: Chevron Chic Nursery

I decided to take a break from my normal retro-over-the-top-eclectic style and actually do a modern, minimalist (Surprise, Surprise!).   It seems lately I can’t get on the internet without being swarmed by chevron images.  Did this start with Target’s Missoni line?  Well however it started – we love it!  Here’s our chevron chic treasury on etsy

Retro Nursery: Chevron Chic

The inspiration for this week was, of course, this awesome chair that Ash found on etsy.  We LOVE it!  We know it’s expensive but. come. on.  Someone has to buy it right?  Make the chair the focal point and keep walls to one of the coordinating shades of gray found on the chair (or if you want some color choose an accent wall in the lime green – that’s what I would do of course!).  We pulled the teal color from the chair to match the nursery and then added pops of the lime green here and there.

Vintage Barrel Chair from UpcycledHome

Hang the cool teal pendant light over the chair, a little low to use as a book light.  Carpet the floor with this cool felt ball rug.

Teal industrial pendant light from rusticwrenantiques

Round felt ball rug from feltnyarn

Use industrial furniture to give a more modern look.  Use the vintage Steel Art filing cabinet as a converted changing table (so much storage!). Place the chevron diaper caddy on top with a changing pad in either lime green, teal, or light gray.

Vintage Steelmaster Art file cabinet from urgestudio

Chevron diaper caddy from BaffinBags

Add awesome vintage teal school chairs to a little table for a drawing area.  Place the teal filing drawer on a low book shelf made from steel plumbing pipe to store art supplies (and books).

Teal School Chairs from ThePDXPhotograph

Teal vintage industrial file cabinet from SwirlingOrange11

Plumber Pipe book shelf from thevintagepicks

Make the crib up in eco-friendly teal bedding and gray sheets.  Add a pop of color with this coordinating pillow with a circle print in teal and lime green.  Over the bed hang a modern circle mobile in coordinating colors.

Teal striped baby blanket from SwenNatural

Teal and green circles pillow cover from WilmaLong

Modern Baby Mobile from TheWonderlandStudio

For room decoration find neat vintage industrial finds like this cool hubcap clock and vintage 1950s teal radio.  Also add some chevron themed toys – these little wooden boats are perfect!

1978 Dodge Truck Wheel Clock from StarlingInk

Teal 1950s Radio from johnnyvintage

Industrial lime green book ends from orangedoorvintage

Chevron Striped Sailboat from TweetToys

Finally,  (what you didn’t think we could find more chevron items?) for you and the kiddos; get the awesome diaper bag, cute little chevron shoes, and pretty little chevron dress.

Gray Chevron Diaper bag from FromKtoZ

Chevron baby shoes from weepereas

Chevron print toddler dress from heidiandfinnstudio

OK – all chevroned out? I am a little.  Check out our pinterest and favorites on etsy for even more chevron themed baby stuff!


Wednesday WANTS: Nursery

simple, modern, urban nursery

I wanted to share Jax’s nursery that my husband and I put together.  We knew we wanted to have a fairly cheap nursery (around $500-$600), so of course we went to the most logical place for cheap furniture- IKEA and what we already owned (thrifts & used baby goods stores area always good too!).

THE THEME: modern, simple, urban.  I tend to lean towards the simple, modern looks with a slightly urban feel.  I don’t often pick bright colors, but knew we should incorporate color since it’s so important for children to be exposed to it.  I also love natural wood, so we choose these items from IKEA:

SNIGLAR Crib, beech Length: 53 7/8 " Width: 29 1/8 " Height: 33 1/8 " Bed width: 27 1/2 " Bed length: 52 "  Length: 137 cm Width: 74 cm Height: 84 cm Bed width: 70 cm Bed length: 132 cm

SNIGLAR Crib, beech - $69.99 (on sale now) + mattress $59.99

BARNSLIG RINGDANS Rug, green Length: 4 ' 4 " Width: 4 ' 4 "  Length: 133 cm Width: 133 cm

BARNSLIG RINGDANS Rug, green - $29.99

GULLIVER Changing table, birch Length: 32 1/4 " Width: 21 1/4 " Height: 36 5/8 "  Length: 82 cm Width: 54 cm Height: 93 cm

gulliver changing table - $69.99

POÄNG Rocking chair, birch veneer, Dala natural Width: 26 3/4 " Depth: 37 " Height: 37 3/8 " Seat width: 22 " Seat depth: 19 5/8 " Seat height: 17 3/4 "  Width: 68 cm Depth: 94 cm Height: 95 cm Seat width: 56 cm Seat depth: 50 cm Seat height: 45 cm

poang rocking chair $169 + foot stool $59.99

We also bought: LEN- fitted sheets in green- $9.99/2-pack, LEN Pillow- $5.99, LEN pillowcase $4.99/2-pack

CHOOSING THE PAINT:  We used a low VOC brand (Sherwin Williams) and multiple gray tones on the same paint card to keep a cohesive look.  I made a template for painting stripes (what paint color to use where and how wide they were).  RB (my husband) did most of the painting and putting together of furniture, since i was pregnant at the time.  He also did it while I was away on a business trip to lower my exposure to VOCs.

Gray always says modern to me when done right. It’s sleek, but not as shocking as black. And for some reason, I really was into this green color- normally I don’t like green. I love combining gray tones with natural wood. I also tend to like saturated colors when I do use color. Here’s more pics (sorry for the graininess- I used my cell)!

I think we did pretty good for our first nursery! We got the mobile and some other things throughout the room from my mother in law and my mother helped with the furniture. The tall dresser was my husbands and the little trunk next to the rocker is mine. I bought two cheap lamps and a $5 clock at target.  Since taking these pictures, I’ve also hung up some cute artwork by my nieces & nephew on my husband’s side.  They drew some cute pictures of me and Jax while I was pregnant.  I’ll have to post those at a later date since I am up visiting Meg right now!  The two walls you don’t see are white, and one has a UofA “fathead” helmet on it (had to incorporate my husband’s love for his alma mater).

Till next time! <3 ash

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