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Wednesday Wants: Favorite Baby Blankets

I thought I’d share with you one of the best buys I thought I made for our little guy.  These aden + anais for Target Zooaroo blankets!

aden + anais for Target Zooaroo Baby Collection.Opens in a new window.

I bought the four pack right before he was born and I still use them everyday, night, etc.  They are perfect for hot weather climates, great for swaddling.  Fold them over into a triangle shape and they are the perfect for swaddling.  We used them as burp clothes also (is that gross?).

They kind of act as a sheet now that he is older, which is great again because it’s so hot here in the Arizona.  They breathe really well.  If you are in need of something that you will use longer than a year –  I would suggest these!

enjoy! ash

Wednesday Wants: Chevron Chic Nursery

I decided to take a break from my normal retro-over-the-top-eclectic style and actually do a modern, minimalist (Surprise, Surprise!).   It seems lately I can’t get on the internet without being swarmed by chevron images.  Did this start with Target’s Missoni line?  Well however it started – we love it!  Here’s our chevron chic treasury on etsy

Retro Nursery: Chevron Chic

The inspiration for this week was, of course, this awesome chair that Ash found on etsy.  We LOVE it!  We know it’s expensive but. come. on.  Someone has to buy it right?  Make the chair the focal point and keep walls to one of the coordinating shades of gray found on the chair (or if you want some color choose an accent wall in the lime green – that’s what I would do of course!).  We pulled the teal color from the chair to match the nursery and then added pops of the lime green here and there.

Vintage Barrel Chair from UpcycledHome

Hang the cool teal pendant light over the chair, a little low to use as a book light.  Carpet the floor with this cool felt ball rug.

Teal industrial pendant light from rusticwrenantiques

Round felt ball rug from feltnyarn

Use industrial furniture to give a more modern look.  Use the vintage Steel Art filing cabinet as a converted changing table (so much storage!). Place the chevron diaper caddy on top with a changing pad in either lime green, teal, or light gray.

Vintage Steelmaster Art file cabinet from urgestudio

Chevron diaper caddy from BaffinBags

Add awesome vintage teal school chairs to a little table for a drawing area.  Place the teal filing drawer on a low book shelf made from steel plumbing pipe to store art supplies (and books).

Teal School Chairs from ThePDXPhotograph

Teal vintage industrial file cabinet from SwirlingOrange11

Plumber Pipe book shelf from thevintagepicks

Make the crib up in eco-friendly teal bedding and gray sheets.  Add a pop of color with this coordinating pillow with a circle print in teal and lime green.  Over the bed hang a modern circle mobile in coordinating colors.

Teal striped baby blanket from SwenNatural

Teal and green circles pillow cover from WilmaLong

Modern Baby Mobile from TheWonderlandStudio

For room decoration find neat vintage industrial finds like this cool hubcap clock and vintage 1950s teal radio.  Also add some chevron themed toys – these little wooden boats are perfect!

1978 Dodge Truck Wheel Clock from StarlingInk

Teal 1950s Radio from johnnyvintage

Industrial lime green book ends from orangedoorvintage

Chevron Striped Sailboat from TweetToys

Finally,  (what you didn’t think we could find more chevron items?) for you and the kiddos; get the awesome diaper bag, cute little chevron shoes, and pretty little chevron dress.

Gray Chevron Diaper bag from FromKtoZ

Chevron baby shoes from weepereas

Chevron print toddler dress from heidiandfinnstudio

OK – all chevroned out? I am a little.  Check out our pinterest and favorites on etsy for even more chevron themed baby stuff!


Wednesday Wants: Vintage Children’s Books

All of us endeavor to make our wee ones into avid readers – well with a room like this your kid would almost have to be a bookie!  If any of you have been on the “kids” section of pinterest you’ll recognize exactly where this nursery inspiration comes from (note picture below).

Photo inspiration from pininterest.com

Etsy Treasury

With such a nice accent wall you really don’t have to do too much more with the room but I think overloading it with books and book-themed items would make it just SO awesome (you know my tastes I sometimes go over-the-top and eclectic rather than modern and minimalist).  The beauty of this room is that you could choose and pick the elements below that you like and they would “mesh” for either style.  So here goes . . .

If you’re wanting to put a vintage spin on the above pic you have to start with MANY vintage books.  I found this vendor on etsy that has a plethora of books arranged in collections by theme.  They’re pretty cheap for books.  Or go down to your local goodwill store and get a few a lot of $1 dollar books.  Mount simple black- or white-painted gutter shelves on the wall and lean your collection of books in it.

Little Golden Books Collection from GTDesigns

For more functional shleving install these cool floating book (literally) shelves on another wall.  I envision a couple staggered at different heights interspersed with framed vintage prints of vintage children’s book art.  Add the book wall clock and vintage print nursery light (it would blend right in) to finish the walls. Don’t forget to put this awesome light cover over the light switch!

Floating Book Shelf from LittleFish'sFurniture

Vintage Children's books illustrations from ClamBarn

Book Clock from StoryTimeTMClocks

Vintage Nursery Rhyme Lamp from AnotherCup

Vintage Mystery Boys Light Switch Cover from ItsAGoodFeeling

Add light furniture to the room with a white (EEEKKKK – right?) vintage arm chair cushioned by this cool newspaper pillow.  This awesome chalkboard desk for kiddos to play on makes a great place for practicing letters – just adds to the decor right?

Cream 1940s Armchair from BCB2

Morning Paper Pillow Cover from OliveHandmade

Chalkboard Kid's Table from everafterdesign6

Speaking of Chalkboard, balance the white chair and desk with an entirely chalkboard dresser/changing table (BONUS: you can write what’s in the drawer on the front).  Put these cute little knobs that look like kindergarten writing paper on the dresser.

Chalkboard Dresser inspiration from pinterest.com

Alphabet Knobs from VintageSkye

For the crib – how about white again but hand paint a meaningful section of a book along the railings in black (like the wall below but on a crib!).  As a mobile hang (or make a few similar and smaller with your own books – try using cheap plastic bowls and a little bit of hot glue) a book pages pendant.  Keep bedding black and white and accent with these cool scrabble letter pillows (you can customize them to any four letter word! can I suggest ordering “read”).

Book Page Light from Zipper8Lighting

Scrabble Letter Pillows from bambina

Put your little book worm in this awesome “read to me” tee.  Give ’em an awesome scrabble inspired wood tile play set and of course, a monster bookmark, and these cool vintage book blocks, (don’t forget all those books on the walls that they can yank off).

Read to Me Tee from AsSmallAsMe

Block Words Set from the PurpleTangerine

Monster Bookmarks from dj0811

Vintage Book Page Block Set from StackBlocks

And your little bookworm-to-be’s nursery is complete.  Whew!  My Fave: The Floating Book Shelves – so cool!  or the chalkboard dresser (may have to do this on MY dresser).


Wednesday Wants: Rainy Day Nursery

The inspiration from this nursery came from the first listing as well as a mobile I saw on pinterest.com.  Rainy day for a nursery??  Why not!?  Balance neutral grays with bright pops of color – mainly yellow!  Especially since yellows and grays are so “in” now – right?  Here’s the treasury:

Paint your walls in a lovely neutral shade of gray.  Accent the windows with yellow curtains.  Hang handmade raindrops between the window and the curtains  (for a visual go to ohsolovelyvintage.com but replace the hearts with raindrops).

Decorate the walls with these three “you are my sunshine” art prints, a 3-D umbrella art piece, and a rain coat, hat, and little duck umbrella hanging on a hook near by.  Place rain boots under the hook to finish off the look (don’t forget to line them with the cozy flannel liners found in our treasury). Bonus: you can store your kiddos ACTUAL rain gear this way and it doubles as “art”!

"you are my sunshine" prints from theinksociety


Raindrop and umbrella 3-D wall art from goshandgolly


Vintage children's duck umbrella from sinkorswimtreasures


Fleece kid rainboot liners from katelyb


In the opposite corner connect three different sized umbrellas using chain from the hardware store with their “bottoms” facing up to form baskets for toy storage.  Try to get umbrellas in differing colors and descending size placing the smaller one at the top (think fruit basket made out of umbrellas). Our if that’s too busy looking just try one awesome clear bubble umbrella like the one from our treasury.

Vintage bubble umbrella from yosalvovendo


Finish the room with clean lines of mod furniture from the 60s.  Place the cloud pillows on the white mod chairs and paint the cool side tables in shades of differing yellow or gray (or keep them white).  Put a daylight bulb in the yellow lamp and put it where you need some sunlight!

60s mod chairs from junktofunkbiz

Cloud cushions from smallcouture

Vintage side tables from AlloftheAbove

vintage yellow lamp from forthecommongood


For the crib try to get gray sheets and top with the awesome yellow chevron striped baby blanket.  Add a cloud shaped pillow (or three) and the “shower your baby with love” heart cloud mobile and you’re baby will drift asleep on clouds (literally)!

Yellow chevron stripped blanket from avaelliot

"Shower you kid with love" mobile from BabyJivesCo



Three cloud pillows in gray from LaPetiteEchorlette

Give your little puddle-jumper some style with these rain-themed clothes.  And add some rainbow themed toys to the mix for some color.

Rainy Daze onesie from imkermer

Raindrop could and rainbow jumper from wildthingsdresses


Rainbow wood toy from TheEnchantedCupboard


Felt rainbow, sun, and cloud toys from TheHandmadeClassroom


My FAVs: a tie between the cute little rainbow jumper and red umbrella 3-D wall art (I almost accidentally inserted it twice – that’s how much I love it!  She has awesome mobiles as well!).


P.S. please let me know if you want some inspiration for a particular theme.  I’d love to help out or do a Wednesday Want on it!


Wednesday (Thursday) Wants: Woodland Nursery

Sorry for the late post – I really have to get used to this Chinese time difference!  So bear with me  . . . and speaking of bears . . .

I based this weeks Wednesday Wants on a woodland nursery.  Being around the panda bears and in the beautiful Bi Feng Xia Gorge area just inspired me to be all woodsy!  See the treasury on our etsy shop (and why not buy one of our t-shirts while you’re there?  Like the US Forest Service onesie for example *wink*).

Woodland Nursery on tumblewee's etsy treasury

Try painting a large tree tree above the crib and hanging the leaf mobile on our treasury from the ceiling.

Use this potterybarnkids.com picture for inspiration (the birch shelves are no longer available - bummer)

Leaf mobile from flutterandtwirl

Add bird houses on the wall for decoration and turn some of the “branches” into shelves by painting shelves in the same color of paint or getting natural wood shelves.

Inspiration photo (collect branches from the woods and mount them to the wall over the tree branches you painted), Could be used for extra hooks as well!

Yellow bird house from baconsquarefarm

Finish the other walls with an owl clock and woodland friend themed alphabet poster.  Frame some baby photos with twig frames and hang them around as well!

Wood owl clock from sayhello

Woodland creature alphabet poster from invitemedesigns

Tree branch frame from uncframes.com

Lay the green grass blanket on the floor as a rug and strategically place the rustic wood table and toadstool “growing” out of the grass.  Don’t forget to give your kiddos an activity for the room with these awesome salvaged twig crayons!

Green grass blanket (repurposed into a rug) from Custom Photo Props

Tustic Twig Stool (repurpose as a kids table) from thimbledoodleWoods

Polka Dot Toad-stool from Royalkane

Twig crayons from Shopallthings'

Keep your forest-loving kiddo cozy with this awesome woodland themed blanket and a matching owl pillow.  A fox can keep them company as a lovie (I’m sure you recognize this guy!  We are in LOVE with every creature that sleepyking makes!).

Woodland Friends organic baby blanket from weepereas

Graphic owl pillow from SweetnatureDesigns'

Liam the woodland fox from sleepyking

Add some much needed hanging and shelf space with the tree book shelf.  Keep books tidy with these two cute bear cub book ends and add the squirrel, and maybe a deer, to keep them company (strategically place the vintage figurines around the room).  And what’s a forest without a garden gnome??  Maybe he can go by the crib or the table.  Don’t forget some woodland themed wool toys!

Tree branch book shelf and coat hanger from TheTreeTop's shop

Vintage bear book ends from GloryBDesign

Vintage squirrel figurine from WildJuniperVintage

Vintage deer figurine from DownEastAttic

Garden gnome and mushroom from fernwoodgnome

Woodland friend wool toys from MuddyFeet

The gnome’s my favorite!! Check out our “favorites page” on etsy for more furnishing ideas or our pinterest board! Stay tuned for next Wednesday Wants retro super hero nursery.  Go ahead and write us if you have an idea for a nursery.


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