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Fashion Friday: Jax Birthday Preview

It’s Fashion Friday!

We’re really excited to share these pics with you.  We got some really cute items in for this particular shoot from Teesies and Casanees.  Part of what makes this shoot particularly special is that next week is Jax’s first birthday (May 1st, a May day baby).  So we took these pics in prep for his very cool party that is going to happen – and in true toddler fashion it’s Elmo/Sesame Street themed.  Yes, he’s grown to have a true appreciation for everything Elmo and Sesame Street.  What can I say, they are enduring and so much more exciting than when I was growing up.  I don’t remember such cool songs as this Fiest one, or this Jason Mraz one, try Bruno Mars, Adam Sandler, and so many more . . . Jax has a true love for music and now he dances and jives like there is no tomorrow – it’s so much fun watching.

Well anyway, back to our cool shoot for his birthday invite, which you can find on our sister site – Intowee (you can purchase the invites there also, but we’re currently getting that site up and running, it’s a little in the newbie stage).  We got this adorable onesie from Teesies, it says “What would Elmo do?”  So appropriate . . .

And these plaid suspenders!  I just about died when I saw them, and thought those are sooo Jax (well I guess they are so mom, since I’m the one that dresses him – although Meg was the one who found them!).  Too cute.

And one of these items will be part of big birthday week next week, and will be going in a giveaway… you’ll just have to check back with us or subscribe to our blog if to find out more!

have a great weekend and stay tuned into our blog for more awesome birthday/sesame street bash ideas, inspiration, and giveaway.


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