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FASHION FRIDAY: Returned from China, Meg & Dee

Meg & Dee are finally back from China!  And Jax & I are up visiting them!

Hopefully you’ll see much more of us after this week.  The transition for all of us (their return and our travel up north) has resulted in us being a little lax in our postings.

Here are some pics of Meg and Dee.

Hope you have a great weekend!

ENJOY! ash


Fashion Friday: Celebration!

It’s Fashion Friday!

We are all dressed up for my little sister’s graduation!  Master’s that is.  They had the graduation in downtown Phoenix and then we went and celebrated later a Gallo Blanco.

I’m wearing a blue and white striped top I bought at forever 21, a black sequin pencil skirt, sandals, and Jeannie Richard band ring and earrings  (the one’s in our giveaway!).  The band ring and earrings are made out of beads and are super fun for dressing up.  They are all black, except the earrings have some gold beads in them.  They are a nice addition to any outfit, not just a semi-dressy one. (If you like them go and buy a pair at Jeannie Richard because they’re having a Post-FAB 25% sale till May 31, code POSTFAB25 at checkout).

On Jax, black gap pants, and blue babies-r-us polo he got from his auntie (the one I mentioned about the graduation and celebration at Gallo Blanco) the four above pics were taken at Gallo Blanco, out back in their pool area.  It’s a very retro, older style hotel.  The food is this amazing, fresh southwestern style food.  I would love to go back and stay there some time or take more pictures!  In their pool area they have a waterfall glass wall that runs almost the length of the pool area.  It’s really beautiful.

Don’t forget to enter our mother’s day giveaway for a chance to win all of our mother’s day’s goodies, plus these ones that I’m wearing in the pictures!

Hope you all have an amazing mother’s day!  I know I will no matter what it is as long as it involves my son!

ENJOY! ash

FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Ash & Jax Roosevelt Murals


PART II Of Roosevelt Murals



We headed back down to Roosevelt to take some more shots with the murals down in that area.  Since it’s one of the art districts in Phoenix, the murals come and go before you know it sometimes.  So you really have to catch them quick.  I absolutely love this southwestern inspired one, which I felt would be perfect for some southwestern inspired accessories.

I just go these earrings from one of our sponsors!  Persophone’s Place!  I absolutely love them.  They are supper long and beaded.  They go with just about everything I own . . . I have fairly simple outfits and when you have such a cool pair of statement piece earrings, sometimes it’s great to tone down the other parts of your outfit (in my opinion).  She’s has shorter versions if you prefer!

Unfortunately, I rarely get to wear them right now . . . Jax LOVES it when I wear dangly earrings.  And my ears LOVE it when he pulls them too (insert dripping sarcasm here)!  I get to wear them at least once a week when I’m working and he’s hanging out with his dad on his day off.

This dinosaur mural is across the way from the southwestern one.  Its so cute!  Feels really funky and I believe it’s spray painted on.

By this time, jax was starting to loose it and get super squirmy.  He wants to be off running around (although he hasn’t quite figured out the walking/running part, but he can sure book it in a crawl).

I’m wearing forever21 top and tank (man – forever21 is SO affordable, $5 tank tops), H&M pants, Target ballet flats in a cool bright colored southwestern pattern, thrifted jewelry, and you can get my fantastic earring here – at Persephone’s Place.

on jax: thrifted Jack & Jill gray linen shorts, and thrifted vintage yellow polo shirt.

hope you enjoyed Fashion Friday!  check out the cool murals around Phoenix when your in town.

have a great weekend! ash

Fashion Friday: Lovable Jax

First, I want to apologize for not doing our normal Fashion Friday!  I was getting dressed for it this morning and then Jax had a terrible accident that scared the bageezas out of me.

He’s OK!  As they say, probably scares the parent more than the child, but it took most of the day out for us.  And a major emotional toll on me!  This was my first scary moment as a parent (aside from the flu).

We are waiting on some really cool items for our Easter Sunday picture post, which we’ll be doing next week.

So this is what I for Fashion Friday on a whim . . . some totally laughable, loveable pics of Jax (or at least that is what I think).

Evolution of Jax’s Face in 10 seconds…

Shirt: Carter’s Elephant Shirt, $7.00, and Old Navy khaki shorts, $12.95.

sell, trade, and then buy!

Thrifted Janie & Jack linen gray shorts and top, $6.50 (didn’t cost me anything because I traded in some of his clothes).

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway and check out our awesome collaborators, Katie’s Creative Baking and A Bath Shoppe, for the giveaway.  And this really awesome discount for cute little plush toys by Millie Fern.  I broke down and bought this for Dee for her b-day… April 1st – yes she has a totally unique and amazing birth – day.

Have a great weekend!

ENJOY: ash

fashion fridays: Ash & Jax – South Mtn PHX


This shoot fell on a day we ran errands, so being comfortable was one of my main concerns.

We went to Roosevelt Row in Downtown PHX.  This is where they hold FIRST FRIDAY A.R.T.S. MARKET ( as the name implies – its the first friday of every month) for the Indie Art Scene.

They recently added some new murals to the area, which we’ll showcase in a number of Fashion Fridays.  There were too many to do in one and we didn’t think it would do them justice by doing all of them at once!  There are a few pretty funny pics (well at least two that are LAUGH-OUT-LOUD type photos, so don’t be shy, go ahead and laugh out loud if you think Jax and I look funny – or just me!  Laughing is good for the soul).

Jax was definitely starting to feel the – “I don’t get what’s going on and I really don’t care” – bug!!  Jax’s face – PRICELESS.

Such a great mural!  So in the style of Shel Silverstein – whimsical, magical, and yet funky!

and  . . .

yes…remember at the beginning I said you would LAUGH-OUT-LOUD . . . well if you didn’t after THAT picture than I guess I can’t make you laugh.  I thought it was pretty funny.  The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in this picture!

Jax wasn’t really into this ONE . . . he’s so squirmy now and just wants to be on his own, moving about and crawling.  I think you can kind of see it in ALL of these pictures.

another silly grin from me, but who wouldn’t grin like this with a son like mine (i’m sure this is how all parents feel . . . especially when your son is trying to touch a big round cacti!).

enjoy! and have a great weekend! ash

ps . . . thanks again to Brynn with movement restoration massage! 

fashion fridays: Ash & Jax – South Mtn PHX


I did a bit of stylized editing, sorry if the coloring is annoying, but I had fun trying to make them look a little vintagey…did it work?

We went up to the top of South Mountain Park Reserve in Phoenix, which “is the largest municipal park in the country”.  It’s beautiful if you are the type of desert rat that appreciates the beauty of the desert in all it’s glory, bright ambiance, and scorching, leather built in air  . . . I am a desert rat.

Phoenix behind us with all of it’s smog filled glory . . .

I have quite the silly grin here.  Jaxon can you say . . . “mommy, you’re a dork sometimes” :) !

are we born desert rats…I think jax was by default.

enjoy! and have a great weekend! ash

ps... thanks again to Brynn with movement restoration massage!

It’s Fashion Fridays!

ok- this is a really quick post!  I’m SO busy these days.  3 classes, a 9 month old, a shop, another shop (soon to be announced), and I think we’re just getting busier and busier with everything we’re doing.

The weather here is so nice right now, about 80 this weekend during the middle of the day.  This morning we went outside for a walk/run, and blew some bubbles.  Jax is learning how to wave, and does this totally adorable exaggerated walk (imagine a marching band person…lol).

So here we are, at Food Truck Fridays (I want to give you a link to this, but I can’t find one right now) in downtown Phoenix.  It’s right next door to the Phoenix Public Market, which carries a lot of great local food.  Plus, it’s hosts a number of Farmers Markets and events throughout the week.  LOVE.  I say support local WHENEVER possible.

I’m sorry I don’t have as much time as I would like to make fashion Fridays a little more interesting!  Hopefully when Meg gets back in the states, or maybe if I can afford to hire a sitter for a few hours a day if the shops really take off!

FYI: If your in Downtown Phoenix on a Friday at lunch, check out Food Truck Fridays.  You’ll be SOOOO glad you did.  My favorite is Short Leash (the most amazing hot dogs you’ll ever have), and Torched Goodness (creme brule (SP?) in the most unique flavors! Imagine lavender, lemon, sea salt caramel…we had a Chipotle chocolate once- TO_DIE_FOR).

Have a fabulous weekend!

ENJOY- <3 ash

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