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A Vintage Outdoor Wedding Theme

Hey all,

We’ve been so bad about posting with all the moves but I wanted to start a series on my vintage mountain wedding – you know for all of you planning for next year!  Let’s start at the beginning with or save the dates that Ashley made for us.

We loved the idea of using a vintage postcard feel for Portland Oregon – plus, we save on postage!

The front

The back that you can have customized for you – see the cute little message she put around the edge?

Love them?  Buy from Ash’s shop intowee .

Stay tuned for more details from our wedding – you’ll LOVE all the DIY we did.


Happy 4th!

Here are some pieces of our wonderful day!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

enjoy! ash, meg, dee, & jax

It’s Fashion Fridays!

ok- this is a really quick post!  I’m SO busy these days.  3 classes, a 9 month old, a shop, another shop (soon to be announced), and I think we’re just getting busier and busier with everything we’re doing.

The weather here is so nice right now, about 80 this weekend during the middle of the day.  This morning we went outside for a walk/run, and blew some bubbles.  Jax is learning how to wave, and does this totally adorable exaggerated walk (imagine a marching band person…lol).

So here we are, at Food Truck Fridays (I want to give you a link to this, but I can’t find one right now) in downtown Phoenix.  It’s right next door to the Phoenix Public Market, which carries a lot of great local food.  Plus, it’s hosts a number of Farmers Markets and events throughout the week.  LOVE.  I say support local WHENEVER possible.

I’m sorry I don’t have as much time as I would like to make fashion Fridays a little more interesting!  Hopefully when Meg gets back in the states, or maybe if I can afford to hire a sitter for a few hours a day if the shops really take off!

FYI: If your in Downtown Phoenix on a Friday at lunch, check out Food Truck Fridays.  You’ll be SOOOO glad you did.  My favorite is Short Leash (the most amazing hot dogs you’ll ever have), and Torched Goodness (creme brule (SP?) in the most unique flavors! Imagine lavender, lemon, sea salt caramel…we had a Chipotle chocolate once- TO_DIE_FOR).

Have a fabulous weekend!

ENJOY- <3 ash

Something New: donaTee

Remember this post . . . way.back.when?  Well we finally got it started (for good) – LOOK what we added to the menu (up there at the top of the page – and the cool little sidebar image).  Now instead of tossing those old t-shirts – you know the ones that don’t quite fit anymore, faded, just went out of style, have a hole at the bottom, etc – you can donaTee them to us for a good cause!

We’re giving all proceeds to:

Friends of the Children PDX

They are a very amazing and unique organization that commits an entire 12 and 1/2 years to an “at risk” child.  So amazing!

What you get:

  • A feeling of good will!
  • Your name on the donor list for the page
  • A feeling of good will!

We hope you send us your gently used t-shirts and help out Friends of the Children PDX!

meg & ash

Fashion Friday (mommy and me): Meg & Dee at Waterfront Park

Today we took some pictures out back again to show some details from my vintage dress and Dee’s vintage top but then we headed out as a family to try and get a Christmas photo from one of the most famous landmarks of Portland, the Made in Oregon sign.  Here’s what Dee and I wore:

On Meg: Red and bright blue flower dress, vintage (similar one at Modcloth); teal blue half cardigan, vintage (similar one at Debenhams); black tights and boots (similar ones here at Debenhams); antique shoe clip from my grandmother converted into a brooch; black belt, thrifted.

On Dee: Cacharel red cardigan with fabric trim & buttons, thrifted; Gap jeans; Nike shoes (we really need to get a non-bright pink and purple pair of shoes but . . . she’s so comfy in these!).

We thought this photo shoot would go a lot better but unfortunately the sun was not cooperating (to much at sunset so I guess we learned that we really need to do morning shoots!)

Here’s a teaser for our family Christmas photo:

That’s my oh-so-handsome husband to be!

DonaTee: donate your old tees for charity

With the holiday season in full swing we decided we wanted to give back to the community by doing a charity drive. So here’s the idea . . . .

Have old tees you want to get rid of? Think they’ll make awesome upcycled products? From now until January 31st, 2012 we’ll be accepting your old t-shirt donations and will post them to a special section in our shop. 50% of the profit made from these upcycled tees will go directly to a charity chosen by you. We will sell these products until the end of 2012 so your donation will contribute to this cause for an entire year!

We will be creating a special page on tumblewee.com to showcase DonaTee.  It will showcase what charities we are giving back to, how much we’ve collected so far- so you can follow the progress throughout the year, and who has given to the cause (you can also select to stay anonymous).

We are taking votes from now until the end of the donation, January 31st, 2011.  We have chosen a list of charities that contribute locally or statewide in Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona.  Please leave a comment below on the charity you think we should contribute to this year.  Here is a list of the charities we have narrowed down:

So go clean out your closets and drawers and send us potential upcycled awesomeness – for a good cause.  Contact us (tumblewee@tumblewee.com) with details on how to make your donation.

join us in giving back in 2012!

meg & ash

FASHION FRIDAY (mommy & me): Meg & Dee in PDX

It’s getting colder in Portland which means . . . LAYERS. Yay!  I’m a huge fan of layers, I just believe that whenever someone has on layers it’s automatic cool (OK maybe this isn’t always true but they do go a long way in your coolness factor).  I’m a fan of pairing a vintage/romantic piece with more modern elements.  And of course being a Portlander I think a pop of color is a necessity (just drive through the neighborhoods of Portland and you’ll understand what I mean).  With fall that means it’s a perfect time to add in your mustard yellows and reddish browns!

On Dee: Tan corduroy shorts, brown and white polka dot shirt, and brown tights, Baby Gap (or get similar shorts here ); Timberland Boots; Neon Green Cardigan, Carter’s; Plaid Jacket, Old Navy (similar but we bought ours on sale in store).

On Meg: Floral Dress/Top, Forever 21 (similar one here);  Slub cardigan, Forever 21 (mine’s older but similar one); Gray corduroy bomber jacket, Target (again from way back but man this one’s cute and here’s a nice bomber); Joe Jeans Cigarette (I’m a firm believer in paying out the money for good denim or finding it at thrift stores when you can – joe’s are really good for curvy girls); Seychelles boot, Pimperline (these are so lovely because of the detail but I bought them years ago – here’s a nice camel orange boot with stacked heel as well); necklace Forever 21 (but look at this awesome etsy one).

Happy shopping for Black-Friday deals!


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