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Wednesday Wants: Stuff those Kiddos Stockings!

This week is probably the last week to order things online and still get them for Christmas so if you’re like me and you put off the stocking stuffers until the last moment, this list should help you fill those socks with lots of cool things for you kids.  And all hand made to boot!  Check out the treasury list that we created on etsy.

Most of the items are around $8 once the sets are broken up so go in with a neighbor or if you have more than one kid it’s perfect.   But I also included some awesome gifts that I just couldn’t resist which are a little more pricey – I really want the candy dot bracelet for my OWN stocking.

Pick 3 - Three Babushka Russian Matryoshka Cloth Dolls

Preppy plaid double stacked bow ties for boys

Rainbow Baby Toy Rattle Ball

Rainbow Cake Sprinkles Bracelet

Cake Pops - Rainbow assortment


Vintage Rainbow Barbie Shoe Bracelet

Little People Rainbow World

Little People Rainbow World

Colorful painted bamboo recorder flute

Rainbow Dot Bowtie Clippies

Leg Warmers in Rainbow Stripes

5 color plush mini owls

5 color plush mini owls

6 building brick lollipops

Long Rainbow Teething Toy

Fruit Punch Polka Dots Mary Janes

Rainbow Dancing Ribbon Rings

I hope they love them!



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